Chic Chicks Depicts Chickens in an 80’s Elegance

All images by Dan Bannino. Used with permission.

“Everything started a few weeks ago, when I stumbled upon some news on internet about these quirky species of poultry called Paduan Chicken and I’ve then decided to travel all the way to Padua to meet Andrea Pozzato, the reigning Italian Champion of breeding chickens.” says photographer Dan Bannino about his Chic Chicks photography project. “Here Andrea is growing and looking after his beautiful exemplars of Paduan Chickens, a rather unusual species of poultry that has a funny and unique crown of feathers resembling cool 80s’ hairstyles.”

Dan is the artist behind Still Diets, and this time around he’s unleashing a more 80’s cool type of style in his work. Since starting out as a product photographer after moving to London four years ago, he moved back to Italy just to focus on personal projects–which has really worked out well for him. “I quickly felt the urge of exploring other subjects, from portraying dogs to actual people.” he tells the Phoblographer. “I always liked to experiment and challenge myself, pushing my photography to the next level, learning from mistakes but trying to keep a certain consistence with colors and style.”

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