Fujifilm’s Latest Instax Mini 8 Cameras Will Finally Match All the Clothes I Bought at the Thrift Store

Just in time for Photokina 2012, Fujifilm is announcing their latest additions to the Instax lineup of cameras that shoot instant film. The new Mini 8 cameras still will come in mint, yellow, black, white and pink. According to the company, they will sport a slimmer profile and a better viewfinder, though other details aren’t there yet. The camera features all of the auto modes that were previously available as well as a new high key mode for a user to take brighter portraits.

The new cameras will be available in early 2013. No word on the price yet or just how large the positives will be, though we can assume they will be business card sized. Check out all the new cameras after the jump. We also reviewed the Mini 7s before if you’re curious.

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