Canon May be Testing a 75+ Megapixel DSLR

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We don’t usually report on rumors, but this one may be too good to pass up. Canon Rumors states that a source told Eric at Photography Bay that the company is testing a 75+ MP prototype DSLR. If this is true, then it will outdo the megapixel count in the current king of the full frame crew: the Nikon D800. But it also means that it gets into the higher end medium format territory. Indeed, the Phase One Apochromatic medium format backs aren’t far off from this at 80MP.

But there are even more industry hints towards this: for example, Zeiss stated that their new 55mm f1.4 lens will be for higher end DSLRs with more megapixels. Additionally, when we initially played with the lens the company stated they’re making the lens for both Canon and Nikon systems–which also means that they may know something.

With all this said though, Canon Rumors is rating this report as a CR1: which means that it probably isn’t true. As a full disclosure, I used to work for Eric and Photography Bay–in fact that’s him in our lead image. It might very well be true, but it sounds a bit out of this world. However, I’ve learned to never be surprised–Sony did manage to pack a full frame sensor into a point and shoot afterall.