The Hasselblad Lunar Is Disappointing Those That Donated a Kidney For It


To this day, we’re still not exactly sure who would purchase the Sony NEX 7 on steroids Hasselblad Lunar. Sony Alpha Rumors and Photo Rumors picked up on a story from Genotype Writings which states the following massive problem with the camera:

“The rear of the camera, apart from being massive, also makes it very awkward to pull the LCD out. It feels as if there is a Nex-7 hiding in there somewhere and the Lunar is just a housing around the original camera.”

But apparently there is more: they hate the plastic like knobs and the overall layout is just awkward. They also talk about how massive the camera is to an NEX 7 and that the exterior overall doesn’t feel worth the money. The lens though they state has Hasselblad written on it and also has a different finish.

Despite the hilarious unfortunate problems though these are just the first impressions and we’re not sure what it will be like in the end. Sadly, this doesn’t seem like the same company that discontinued the 503CW.

Phase One Releases Capture One Pro 7

It’s political season and here is another RAW processing application looking to get your vote. Todays candidate is version 7 of Capture One Pro by Phase One. This is a brand new update that is focused on image quality and getting the best out of your images. The five focus areas of Capture One Pro is image quality, adjustment tools, digital asset management, tethered capture and intelligent corrections.

Noise reduction and highlight / shadow recovery have been greatly enhanced “out of the box”. A new clarity tool says that it will enhance flat images to make them more appealing. The software also includes tailor made profiles for each DSLR to bring the best out of each camera. Capture Pro now includes masks, either automatic or manual masks so that you can do fine local adjustments. Auto masks can be drawn in and can recognize edges so that you can do fine masks around objects. Lens corrections can also be made including fixing distortion and fringing.

Capture One Pro has been quite good at tethered shooting from the start since Phase cameras are used a lot in studio. Version 7 allows you to rate and review images from the web and mobile devices without even being in the studio. A lot of advances have been made with the software and I look forward to trying it out soon. After Aperture I actually prefer Capture One Pro before any other of the apps running for President of the RAW processing world.

You can try or buy Capture One Pro on their website here.