This Voigtlander Bessa II Shoots 120 Film and Has a Pretty Rare Lens

It’s truly hard to beat the look of some vintage medium format cameras. Take for example this Voigtlander Bessa II. Lots of folks love shooting with their Mamiya RB67 and Pentax 67. But why not go for 6×9 format instead? Well that’s what the Voigtlander Bessa II is. This beauty is a 69 format rangefinder camera with a pretty fast f4.9 lens. To translate to 35mm parameters, that’s a 45mm f1.9 equivalence. What’s more, this is a pretty rare lens. However, it still has all the great rendering of a medium format camera. 

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5 Great 6×9 Format Cameras for the Medium Format Film Photographer

If you’re looking to get larger images with medium format film, these 6×9 format cameras are some of your best options.

One reason why 120 film is a medium loved by many is the versatility offered by its different frame sizes. Some photographers prefer the 6×7 format because it’s only slightly larger than the 6×6 format and prints nearly exactly to 8×10 paper. Others go for the 6×9 because it has the same aspect ratio as the frame of 35mm film. So, if you need both the extra resolution and a wider area for your photos, this medium format frame size may be for you. If you’ve already decided to make the shift, we have a bunch of camera recommendations for your consideration.

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