SUPERSENSE Introduces the 66/6 Pinhole Polaroid Camera


Instant film pinhole photos are really, really cool and incredibly fun to shoot. That’s partially why we’re so excited about the new Supersense 66/6 Pinhole Polaroid Camera that uses IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT square instant film (600 and SX-70 Type).That means that it’s shooting medium format to large format images. It’s a limited edition camera that is handcrafted and only 500 will be made.

The concept and design of the camera was brought to life by the Impossible Project’s founder, Fabian Kapa and Achim Heine. And the overall design is quite unique. To start, it’s a folding camera that closes up for easier portability.

It features an extending lens bellows that gives the user a bunch of setting to work with. The choice between a 0,12 mm pinhole and a 0,24 mm pinhole is one of them, but the bellows allows the camera to shoot in five different positions and alters the focal length (which means that it isn’t a constant zoom “lens”).  It’s a first of any sort with a pinhole camera that has a type of zoom (or multiple focal lengths) and that is collapsible.

More images and details are after the jump. If you want one, get ready to hand over a couple of your pretty pennies.

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