Review: Sony NEX-6

Sony NEX-6 Review 1

The Sony NEX-6 came out not too long ago and I have been eager to try it and I was very fortunate to get the camera in time for my New York City vacation. Things fell into place and here I was with the new NEX, 50mm f/1.8 and the fresh off the press Sony 10-18mm f/4. There is something about the small size of the Sony that makes one subliminally think that this camera can’t do the heavy lifting of a professional cameras.

With that in mind I flirted with the idea of leaving my beloved Nikon D800 at home just to test myself with a more minimal system. In the end I brought the D800 along  for the ride along with a couple of Nikon lenses. The question is do I regret bringing the beast along and was the extra weight worth carrying while walking the city?


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Sony Announces Two New Apps for Their NEX Cameras, Cinematic Photo and Time Lapse

Sony NEX Apps

Sony has just released two new applications for their NEX-5R and NEX-6 cameras. The first is Time-lapse and it is the only the time lapse feature has been added to a Sony camera ever. The app will take a series of images and combine them into a movie at either 24fps or 30fps, you also have the option to save all of the images as stills without creating a movie. You can set the interval and amount of images and the camera will tell you how long it will take to complete. What is also interesting is that Sony is offering themes like “Night Scene” to allow automatic exposure of certain situations.

The second app is called Cinema Photo but most of us will know these as cinemagraphs. This allows you to take a few photos of a person or object and allow only a set area of the photo to move. There are a lot of these that are extremely well done and they can be found in the previous link or hip places like Tumblr. The app demonstration seems a bit hard to use with the current NEX button layout of the NEX-6 but it should be much easier with the touch screen on the 5R.

You can find more information on Time-lapse here and Cinematic Photo here.