Review: Flashpoint DSLR/DV Cinema Bundle


Once you become serious about capturing video with a DSLR, you realize that just hand-holding the camera isn’t always going to deliver the quality you need. Without the benefit of a tripod, a camera rig and access to focus controls becomes critical to make the most of the DSLRs video capability.

Though such rigs offer a practical solution for improving the performance of the camera when it’s hand-held, such rigs and their various accessories can be prohibitively expensive. The Flashpoint DSLR/DV Cinema Bundle ($599.95)promises an affordable, but ruggedly built rig which offers the videographer on a budget a viable choice.

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Cheap Photo: Full Frame Cameras from Canon May Fill You With Holiday Cheer Unless You’re a Nikon User

Canon EOS 5DmkIII

I believe it’s safe to say that 2012 was THE year for full frame cameras. We saw lots of big announcements, and now as the year is coming to a close we are getting big savings! Continue on past the break for some deals on full framers from Canon for today’s Cheap Photo.

I have some great deals for you today, courtesy of, just follow the link, and pick up your choice of either a 5D Mark III, 5D Mark II or a 6D.

5D Mark III – $2975.00 (Body Only)

5D Mark II – $1529.00 (Body Only)

6D – $2099.00 (Body Only)

6D – $2699.00 (With EF 24-105mm f4L IS lens)

Canon Releases Firmware Update for the EOS 5D Mark III, Provides Uncompressed HDMI Output

For all of you video geeks out there that have fallen in love with your new Canon 5D Mark III there is wonderful news for you this morning. In addition to all the glorious features of this modern marvel, you can now shoot uncompressed HDMI video directly through your DSLR! Now when you tether your Canon 5D Mark III to an external recorder through the HDMI port you can capture completely uncompressed HDMI video in all it’s high definition quality.

For the rest of us just simply appreciating the camera for its raw abilities, the AF performance has been increased to allow for appropriate functionality even when shooting with a extender up to a maximum aperture of f/8. (currently compatible with maximum apertures up to f/5.6) This is great news for wildlife and sports shooters, as this camera will be much more capable in those fields due to this update.

Due for release in April of 2013, be looking forward to finding that download on the Canon factory site or through their Canon Factory Service Centers.