5 Affordable 50mm Prime Lenses That Will Improve Your Skills

50mm prime lenses

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Did you get a new camera over the holidays? Are you confused about which lens you should buy first? If so, you’re in the right place. While your new camera may have come with a kit lens or two, we highly recommend grabbing a prime lens. Prime lenses will challenge you and they’ll help you grow simply because you cannot rely on zooms to get the shot you want. Primes make you think and compose with your feet. On top of that, prime lenses have much faster apertures than zoom lenses. This means you can shoot in low light situations, and you’ll be able to create gorgeous bokeh. 50mm prime lenses are ideal for new photographers because they provide a field of view similar to what the human eye can see. Here are five of our favorite 50mm prime lenses for new photographers.

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