Lukáš Belohoubek Uses a Rare Pancolar 55mm for his Photos

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“I think I fell in love with this lens from the first moment I used it”, says Prague based portrait photographer Lukáš Belohoubek. He got into photography for a unique reason, and he’s quite happy to be in it. He’s also the owner of one of the rarest 55mm lenses in the world – the Pancolar 55m f1.4. Originally manufactured by Pentacon in conjunction with their 35mm Super SLR, less than 5000 of these were made. The bokeh it produces is both creamy and swirly, and while bokeh can be a polarizing topic, many of us still desire it. Belohoubek doesn’t worry about it enough to make it his primary concern in the image.

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How to Shoot Moody Natural Light Portraits

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you could create moody portraits, courtesy of photographer Ben Chambers.

We’ve featured a ton of tutorials on taking natural light portraits by many talented photographers here on the website. Today, we’re adding one more. If you’ve always wanted to perfect shooting moody natural light portraits, this tutorial by Australian wedding photographer Ben Chambers of Bach Photography is for you. In Ben’s 12 minute-long tutorial, uploaded on his YouTube channel, he showed the process of how he created a particular portrait shot, as seen above and below. He took the photo with a 5D Mark IV and Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art Lens but said that similar results can be achieved with an APS-C camera with a 35mm prime lens.

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The Down Low: 50mm vs 85mm For Beginners

Lens suggestions and comparisons are just a part of life for the beginner photographer. As you are constantly yearning to satiate that uncontrollable desire to get better gear and shoot better images, you often find yourself wondering what your next lens purchase should be.

A choice many of you may be struggling with right now could be the choice between a 50mm lens or an 85mm lens. There could be many reasons for you dealing with this conundrum, but let’s go with the most obvious which is that you are wanting to shoot more portraits. Both 50mm and 85mm are popular portrait focal lengths, so how should you choose which one to add to your kit? Continue reading…

Quick Tips on Getting The Most Out Of Your 50mm Lens While Shooting Portraits

Your 50mm Lens is one heck of a portrait optic

If there was one focal length that you could pin as the all-time most recommended focal length, chances are it would be 50mm. There are many reasons for this, ranging from the pleasing ‘normal’ field of view with a slight telephoto feel and minimal distortion to the affordability of fast F1.8 versions, and the simple versatility of the focal length for a variety of uses.

One of the 50mm focal lengths most popular uses though is portraiture; and if you are new to the 50mm focal length you may be wondering how you can get the best results when using one for portraits. If that is the case, you have come to the right place, and here are our tips for getting the most out of your 50mm lens. Continue reading…