Opinion: Crowdfunding Isn’t How You Go Funding Your Next Camera Purchase

Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other crowdfunding platforms aren’t there for funding that $1,000 camera you’ve been drooling over.

Today in “face palm-worthy stuff you find in the Internet”, we spotted an Indiegogo campaign by someone asking funding for photography equipment, and subsequently, his stint as an amateur photographer. This is not meant to shame the person to a pulp, but more to raise awareness for people like him about what crowdfunding platforms are made for. And it’s definitely not for funding your next camera purchase.

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Opinion: A Nikon Retro Mirrorless Camera is Everything We Want

If NikonRumors gets this one right (and they have a high success rate of doing so), then a film SLR styled Mirrorless body could be coming to Nikon’s lineup soon.

Whether it’s Leica’s M and Q cameras, Fuji’s X series, or the Olympus OM-D and PEN collection, there’s always been something appealing about digital cameras housed in a vintage body. I don’t own cameras from either of these brands. But to me, they represent some of the most beautifully designed digital cameras made. I agree with the views of our EIC Chris when he speaks about the beauty in the design of the Olympus PEN-F (a camera that’s long overdue for an update now). For the most part today, camera brands tend to match each other in specifications such as megapixels, frames per second, high ISO values and noise handling. But where is Nikon?

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Opinion: I Want More Cameras with Brass, Because It’s Beautiful

In a world where cameras are becoming less and less needed, they should become objects of lust.

The big problem with cameras today and reaching the more prominent consumer market is that they’re not products of lust. They are in some ways when it comes to image quality, but camera manufacturers can do so much more with their aesthetics. For example, there is an entire cult of photographers who wants their cameras to look worn. And even more important is that cameras last a really long time. People buy older ones because it’s all they need. So why not find a way to develop more lust around your own brand? One way of doing that is by implementing more brass into cameras. Brass, for years, was a standard. It looked good, gave great patina, and the cameras were still very well built.

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Give It Time: The Holdfast Gear HF Classic Strap Wide Review

The Holdfast Gear HF Classic Strap perplexed me at first, but then I figured it out, and it just got better.

To say that there isn’t a learning curve with the Holdfast Gear HF Classic Strap is a lie. And to say that it won’t frustrate you at first is another lie. But what starts like a lion turns into a lamb. With time, the corn mash juices of the Holdfast Gear HF Classic Strap turn into a fine bourbon that you’ll enjoy spending time with. This strap is designed to work for any photographer that wants it, but it’s also got appeal to for a photographer using the rest of the Holdfast system. Like all things Holdfast, you’re getting ruggedness, harnesses, leather, etc. Made with buffalo leather and designed with some of the best hardware I’ve ever tested, the Holdfast Gear HF Classic Strap addresses a big problem that folks have: the metal hardware of their straps wears away at the camera. While some may embrace the patina, others treat their cameras like children. Now, Holdfast has a solution, but that solution is also the trickiest part of the strap.

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Opinion: True Master Photographers Shoot for the JPEG, Not the RAW

I’m of the steadfast belief that a good photographer is in control of their camera and does at least 80% of the work in-camera.

This piece is obviously going to annoy a ton of people. Quite honestly, I’m not apologizing for it. I think that there are great photo editors. I believe that some people that we label photographers are some of the best Photoshop artists of our time. But, I genuinely don’t think that they’re photographers. Adobe believes that you’re a photographer if you use Adobe Lightroom and Lightroom Camera. But I don’t. Instead, I think that a photographer works to get the image as perfect as possible in-camera. Great photo processors work in post-production. Can you be both? Sure. But most “photographers” are one or the other. The label is essential for the future of our industry and odds are that you’re probably screwing it up for everyone.

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Opinion: I Hope You’re Not Celebrating Expired Film For the Wrong Reasons

Expired film does have its charms and can be rewarding for the experimental photographer. But are you celebrating it for the wrong reasons?

Above: A bunch of expired films that I plan to shoot with for this year’s Expired Film Day weekend. I’m still missing a medium format camera to pair with the 120 films.

Expired Film Day is afoot and I am most certainly excited to participate in the festivities. The global film photography community must already be gearing up with plans for photo walks, portrait sessions, and gatherings to celebrate, even weeks ahead of the anticipated celebrations. Part of me, however, can’t help but wonder what expired film and the occasion in its honor really mean for most film photographers out there.

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Review: Holdfast Gear Money Maker Solo Strap

The Holdfast Gear Money Maker Solo is the stripped down version of their well designed Money Maker.

With the Holdfast Gear Money Maker Solo, photographers are getting the closest thing that the company will ever make to a BlackRapid strap. Like many of the company’s other products, it oozes with quality and well made materials. With the Money Maker Solo originally designed for the photographers who bring two big cameras with them, the Holdfast Gear Money Maker Solo is more so designed with a single camera in mind. But in terms of implementation, it sometimes falls short. I genuinely think that if Holdfast fused their Maven and the Holdfast Gear Money Maker Solo together, they’d create a strap that is pretty much unbeatable.

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Opinion: Going Back to Canon and Nikon Feels Like a Toxic Relationship

Canon and Nikon are really trying to change things up in the photo world right now; but should we go back to them?

Canon and Nikon are absolutely doing what they can to win back customers after slowly losing ground to both Sony and Fujifilm over the years. While the latter two have been doing all that they can to gain market share and continue to push forward, we can say with absolute certainty that Canon and Nikon have done little to nothing to either give customers what they want or to adapt with the times. It’s taken too long. While I’m sure that Canon and Nikon are going to do what they can to try to get customers back, I genuinely wonder if we really should go back.

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Opinion: What I Would Like to See in the Fujifilm X-T3

Fujifilm’s X-H1 may be the new flagship, but a new Fujifilm X-T3 is what has everyone excited right now

It is being reported that Fujifilm plans to launch their upcoming X-T3 in the coming year, and the new update will feature Fujifilm’s new 26MP X-Trans IV sensor. It is a modest improvement over the 24MP X-Trans III sensor, but the sensor hasn’t ever been Fujifilm’s weakness. Along with the reports of a new sensor, the Fujifilm X-T3 is said to have a true touchscreen along with better battery performance. If this is true, it would be a welcome sign that Fujifilm will be fixing their battery problem. Continue reading…

Emily Garthwaite: Coffee Growing from the Yayu Wildforest in Ethiopia

All images and text by Emily Garthwaite. Used with permission.

I wanted to share with you a series from Yayu Wildforest in Ethiopia that I produced in collaboration with Union Roasted coffee, Kew Gardens and the Darwin Trust. As one of the last remaining mountain forest fragments of Arabica coffee (the origin for the world’s most popular coffee), the Yayu Coffee Forest Biosphere in Ethiopia is vital for its preservation and conservation. To prevent further damage to the forest or loss of coffee species, the local communities need to have other sustainable livelihood options.

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A Second Chance With The Nikon Df

Over some coffee and some conversation about the Nikon Df, a question came up. How effectively could it be used for event photography? In my review I mentioned it would be a decent camera for that type of photography. With permission I decided to use it in my biggest week of event photography to date, the lead up to a really big football game in New Jersey. It took place in the beginning of February 2014. We can’t say its name because due to some contractual things with my day job. I wanted to put the Nikon Df in a real world working situation.

The Nikon Df is not the most popular new camera on the market. Once you get beyond lack of shutter speed and lack of video, is it a good camera?

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Review: Nikon Df


They call it the Nikon Df. It’s a camera that creates lots of mixed emotions. Meant as a “pure photography” camera, there were a lot of hopes put behind the Df. At its heart is the sensor of the Nikon D4, which was an interesting decision. The Nikon Df is an attempt by Nikon to go retro as well, so its design takes from Nikon’s old F-series film cameras. While it’s not unpleasant to look at, it makes me ask, “Why?” When I was asked if I wanted to review this camera, I had to, being a long time Nikon user.

So how does the Nikon Df fare in everyday use? Let’s find out after the jump.

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Four Vintage Lenses For The New Nikon DF


The Nikon DF is out, and its not a bad looking camera overall. Nikon claims this camera is for pure photography–hence why there is no video mode at all. Plus it is designed to work with lots of vintage Nikon glass. While you can use huge expensive lenses with this camera, here are some that I think would make magnificent companions for Nikon’s new camera. If you are new to Nikon lenses or full frame cameras, you may want to give these lenses some thought.


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Samsung’s New Galaxy NX Camera Is Your New Instagram Companion

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Samsung Galaxy NX Camera product photos (8 of 8)

It was only a matter of time, everyone. With Samsung making some serious enhancements with their Galaxy smartphones, their NX series cameras, and their Galaxy camera, it was bound to happen that they made the Galaxy have interchangeable lenses. Today, Samsung is announcing their Galaxy NX–the world’s first interchangeable lens camera with the Android OS. The camera has a 20.3MP APS-C sensor, a 4.8 inch LCD touchscreen, runs android 4.2, has built in 3G and 4G as well as WiFi connectivity, sports a 1/6000th shutter speed, can shoot 8.6fps, and is your brand new killer camera for Instagram.

With Instagram announcing their new video feature today, we can except truly cinematic feature with organic bokeh and all. Tech specs and extra images are after the jump. No word on pricing or availability yet.

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Hands On: HoldFast Gear Indispensible Wallet

I’m a photographer that values both functionality and beauty. Those two can sometimes mix very well together in the photography world. In the case of the newly announced HoldFast Gear Indispensible Wallet, you’ll get an item that is both functional as a wallet for your CF, SD, and business cards while still being quite beautiful. Admittedly though, it leans a bit more towards the beautiful side than functional.

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Review: The Ona Union Street Camera Bag

“I hate you,” that is what Lead Reviewer Mike Pouliot said to me when I told him that Ona sent me the Union Street Messenger for review. Ona camera bags have been a buzz in the photo community for a little while now. Characterized for being gorgeous, they are also quite pricy. Upon request, Ona sent me a black Union Street bag for review. Due to personal tastes, black suits me more than the tan version, though the tan version is also very nice. Since my M-Classics Compact bag recently broke, I’ve needed another novelty bag but with much more practicality to it.

So can the Ona keep up with a real-life working photographer and content developer?

UPDATE: You can get them at B&H Photo now by clicking this link.

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Did Canon Philippines Make A Misogynistic Choice?

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Wouldn’t it be nice if the powers that be in the industry had the fortitude to admit they don’t value women? Each new offense is a middle finger salute, and the reaction to remedy them is increasingly hollow. The newest chapter of this mundane book is being written by Canon Philippines. Naturally, their decision to name an all-male ambassador team is met with resentment and outrage. It’s hardly a shock. What is surprising is their non-apology apology paired with silence from the other global divisions.

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How Karyn Easton Captures Mesmerizing Photos of Oil and Water

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“The real inspiration for the series came from the very simple idea that something beautiful could be created with household materials that typically do not mix,” the photographer Karyn Easton tells me. Featuring oil bubbles floating in a water dish, her ongoing series of macro abstracts highlights the tiny miracles that happen every day when two seemingly mundane liquids collide and repel. Even when she found herself homebound amid lockdowns, she discovered this basic concoction–a familiar favorite in childhood science experiments–provided hours of delight and fascination. 

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It’s Hard to Not Think the Nikon ZFC Is a Fuji Rip Off, But Check This Out

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The Nikon ZFc has been accused by a few folks of basically being a Fujifilm rip-off. But that’s not the case. Actually, the Nikon ZFC is the company’s modernization of the Nikon Df (you can catch up on all our coverage of the Nikon ZFc here). They’ve desperately needed a retro style camera body. Plus the Nikon ZFc can come in a bunch of awesome and cool colors. Fujifilm doesn’t do that at all. So we went into a deeper thinking session on what differentiates the cameras.

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Beautiful, Sharp, and Modern! Leica 75mm F2 APO ASPH Lens Review

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The Leica M-mount system is often revered as a benchmark of aspiration and a defining line in the sand of having made it. For decades, M-mount lenses have been championed for their dreamy lens quality. However, as they have adapted to the general market demands of all things sharp, they have also been criticized for losing that romantic appeal that sets them apart and becoming desiccate. Enter the Leica 75mm f2 APO Summicron-M ASPH lens.

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Paul Kessel Found his Love for Street Photography After Turning 70

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“A photograph does not succeed by content alone”, says Paul Kessel, a retired psychologist and professor from New York. “Photography is about vision, persistence, perception, memory, lots of practice, patience, and so many other elements beyond technique”. As someone who made his foray into photography a lot later than most people do, Paul’s street work has garnered various accolades in the USA and globally. His persistence to head out often to capture his next best street photograph won him 1st place at the 2020 Miami Street Photography Festival, among other global accolades.

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