An Introduction to ND Filters for the Budding Landscape Photographer

ND filters are powerful tools that allow us to capture landscape scenes that would otherwise escape us.

If you’re thinking about starting up landscape photography, you need to familiarize yourself with some tools that can help take your images from good to great. You’ve splashed the cash on a camera, you’ve picked up a sturdy tripod, an excellent lens, and even a bag to haul your gear around, but you may have overlooked ND filters. These ‘sunglasses’ for your lens are a must-have for landscape photographers, but they are often overlooked because they seem complicated. In this introduction to ND filters, we cover what these filters are, what they do, and how you can get the most out of them.

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Review: Haida Red-Diamond 3 Stop Soft-Edge Graduated ND Filter

Landscape photographers on the market for a reliable graduated ND filter should check out Haida’s Red-Diamond 3 Stop Soft-Edge Graduated ND Filter

When photographing long exposure landscapes, a common challenge many photographers encounter is the drastic difference between the amount of light in the sky and below the horizon. This is where filters like the Haida Red-Diamond 3 Stop Soft-Edge Graduated ND Filter come in handy. Soft, graduated neutral density filters allow you to expose for the darker areas of your frame without blowing out what’s in the sky.

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Review: Haida Red-Diamond 10 Stop ND 100x100mm Filter

Photographers shooting long exposures in brightly lit conditions will want to check out the Haida Red-Diamond 10 Stop ND 100x100mm Filter.

We’ve been testing the Haida 10 Stop Red-Diamond ND 100x100mm Filters (3.0/1000x Density) alongside their M10 Filter Holder System. Neutral Density filters are great for architectural, landscape, and travel photography, especially when shooting long exposures during daylight hours. ND filters help to prevent your images from being totally blown out when shooting long exposures in brightly lit conditions. They essentially serve as sunglasses for your cameras, helping to cut down the amount of light that reaches your camera sensor.

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Review: Haida M10 Filter Holder System (A Quick & Modular Solution)

The Haida M10 Filter Holder System is a modular way for photographers to quickly and easily attach/detach and swap in a variety of different filters

During last year’s PhotoPlus Expo, we were introduced to Chinese filter manufacturer Haida and their brand new M10 Filter Holder System. Neutral density filters play an integral role for photographers particularly specializing in landscape, architecture, and travel photography. If you find yourself shooting with a variety of different lenses regularly, chances are most of these lenses will have different filter threads. ND filters aren’t cheap, and buying filters in multiple densities for various threads can put a huge dent in your wallet very quickly. Filter systems like the Haida M10 system are a much more cost-efficient way to go, allowing you to adapt a set of filters across a variety of filter threads.

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ProMaster’s HGX Prime Variable ND Filters Promise Extreme Sharpness

For all of you who love long exposures during the day, HGX Prime variable ND filters are calling your name.

Landscape photographers rejoice; you have another variable ND filter option to choose from. Of course, ND filters can be used in many genres of photography, so everyone rejoice. Today, ProMaster announced that they have decided to bolster their Prime Professional Collection of filters by adding the new HGX Prime variable ND filters to their lineup. ProMaster is claiming that you will get extreme sharpness and outstanding color rendition when you use one of these filters. Join us after the break for all the deets.

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PolarPro’s LiteChaser Filter System Aims to Elevate Mobile Photography

PolarPro Litechaser Filter System

If you use your iPhone 11 as your primary camera, the PolarPro LiteChaser Filter system should help open up more creative avenues.

There is no denying that the cameras in today’s phones are seriously impressive, but content creators are handicapped by a lack of pro-grade accessories that can help them get more out of their cameras. PolarPro, known for creating filters for conventional lenses, has taken note of this and have created the PolarPro LiteChaser Filter system. It should help mobile creators get more out of their setup. Join us after the break to learn more about PolarPro’s new filter system which includes, a case, grip, ND filter, variable ND’s, and circular polarizers.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Avoiding Common Lens Filter Issues

Ever encountered trouble with your lens filter and didn’t know how to fix it? Chances are, you’ll find a solution in today’s photography cheat sheet.

Some of us may already know how useful lens filters can be in getting us closer to our desired results. But, as with many things, we sometimes get into a bit of a pickle with these accessories. If that has happened to you and have been scratching your head figuring out a solution, we bring some troubleshooting tips from yet another photography cheat sheet via Digital Camera World.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Getting Perfect Exposures With Solid ND Filters

Wondering how you can get great results using solid ND filters? Here’s a photography cheat sheet you can use as a reference for your next practice!

Lens filters are among the most useful tools you can turn to when you want to control the light or achieve specific effects in-camera, especially for shooting landscape photos. Neutral Density (ND) filters, in particular, are important for shooting situations that require very wide aperture or long shutter speed settings, as they decrease the amount of light that hits the camera sensor without affecting the colors. In a separate photography cheat sheet, we saw how ND filters come in different stops, and how much light each stop reduces. Today’s featured photography cheat sheet puts the knowledge to work with some tips for getting perfect exposures with a solid ND filter.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Choosing the Right ND Grad Filter

Curious about using ND grad filters for your landscape photography? Here’s a quick photography cheat sheet to make sure you’re using the correct type.

Neutral Density graduated filters, or ND grad filters, are landscape photographers’ filters of choice for scenes with tricky lighting. These filters come in different types, so it’s important to know which is the correct one to use based on the scene. If you’re new to using ND grad filters for landscape photography, today’s photography cheat sheet has some tips to help you evaluate a scene and choose the right filter.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Old School Instagram Filters

Whether you’re curious about the origins of Instagram’s most popular filters or want to achieve their look with the real stuff, we have just the photography cheat sheet for you.

Instagram may be the biggest thing to hit the online world in recent decades, but the visual aesthetics that catapulted it to popularity were largely borrowed from the glory days of film. In fact, without these retro vibes and nostalgic feels, it probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the phenomenal success and influence we see to this day. Want to know which cameras and films gave the famed filters their trending look? Today’s photography cheat sheet has the formulas that will give you the real deal!

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Cheap Photo: ND, Grad Filter Kit $25.99, Nikon D610 Kit $896.95, and More

These Photography deals are hard to ignore. If you need a new camera, some new accessories, or want to learn, check out these deals.

Do you like bargains? If so, you’re in the right place. We have found some exceptional deals like the Olympus EPL9 for just $299, the Olympus EPL9 with a lens for $279.99, and the new Sony A6100 with a lens for only $698. You can also get a Full-Frame Nikon D610 with a 50mm f1.8 and a Wi-Fi adapter for only $896.95. Need accessories? You can get your hands on a massive kit of graduated and ND filter kit for just $25.99, and Vanguard Monopod for $39.95 (save $50). If you are looking to learn in the new year, or perhaps want to start building your collection of presets and overlays, there are deals for you on those things too. A bundle of 2,500 overlays is just $29, 3,100 portrait posing cards can be yours for only $29, and you can learn how to contact and shoot with top models for only $19.95. Check out all of the photography deals after the break.

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Schneider Kreuznach Announces New Additions to the B+W T-Pro Filters

The latest additions to the B+W T-Pro filters are made to accommodate the trend of cameras getting more compact.

If you’re looking for lens filters to protect the delicate front element of your lens, Schneider Kreuznach B+W Filters are among your options. The filter collection just saw a couple of new additions to the T-Pro range, designed with a thinner profile to match cameras that are getting more and more compact. Made suitable for all focal lengths, including wide-angle and telephoto, they are also made with a titanium finish for a unique look.

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Tiffen Offers Two New Lens Filter Kits for the DJI Mavic Mini

These Tiffen lens filters for the DJI Mavic Mini will really help elevate your drone photography and videography.

If you recently purchased or received a DJI Mavic Mini, and had wished there were some lens filters you could use on its capable camera, you’re going to love this news. Earlier this week, Tiffen announced they would be releasing two kits of lens filters for the spiffy little drone, which should help you get even more out of your flying camera. Join us after the break to find out more details

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Cheap Photo: UV Filters, Polarizers From $1.99, Godox V1 $159, and More

Grab these cheap photography accessories while you can and put them in the stockings of the photographers you love this holiday season.

Did you buy yourself or someone in your family a new camera over Thanksgiving weekend? If so, you might want to check out these photography accessories that have huge discounts. The Godox V1 (for all major camera brands) is still only $159, the eVOLV 200 is just $229, and the XPLOR 600 Pro TTL can be yours for only $669! There are MeFoto UV filters for only $1.99, and polarizers too. Need a new bag for your new camera? The ONA X Tutes Bowery can be yours for just $99, and the Tenba DNA 15 is a steal at $174.95. There’s a Vanguard monopod for only $39.95, and a 32GB Lexar UHS-II memory card for just $11.99. Check out all the deals on these photography accessories and more after the break.

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Using Polarizing Filters to Remove Glare for Portrait Photography

A polarizing filter comes in handy for removing glare in practically every shooting situation, including portrait photography. Here’s a quick video showing how.

We’ve all heard about using a polarizing filter for landscape photography, but what about portrait photography? In their quick but informative video,  give a rundown of all the wonderful things you can do with a polarizing filter, including for portrait photography. If that’s something you’ve had questions about, they have the answers for you.

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Need a Lens Filter? Tiffen Has You Covered This Black Friday!

Shop with The Tiffen Company and all of its brands this Black Friday and Cyber Monday! These deals are running for a limited time only so don’t miss out.

When you purchase a Steadicam AIR 15 or AIR 25 monopod, you will receive a mail-in rebate for a free Steadicam AIR Spreader as well as up to $75 back. The AIR Spreader is a foldable, screw-in, 3-leg base option for the Steadicam AIR 15 or AIR 25.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Quick Neutral Density Filter Chart

Still wondering how neutral density filters work and which one to choose for your next shoot? Let today’s photography cheat sheet serve as your handy guide.

If you’re just getting into landscape photography, among the tools of the trade that you must have heard about are neutral density filters (ND filters). These lens filters are particularly essential to landscape photography — or any shooting situation that requires a very wide aperture or long shutter speed — because they decrease the amount of light that hits the camera’s sensor. Today’s featured photography cheat sheet will introduce you to ND filters and what they do for your shots.

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Lensbaby’s OMNI Creative Filter System Gets a Color Expansion Pack

The color expansion pack for the OMNI Creative Filter System from Lensbaby will give you even more creative options.

One of the things we absolutely cannot stress enough at The Phoblographer is just how important it is to get things right in camera. Being able to use software like Photoshop to add effects to your images is cool, but nothing can beat the look of capturing effects in real-time, in-camera. In June of 2019, we reviewed the OMNI Creative Filter System from Lensbaby. The system allows you to add cool light distortions into your images via crystals and wands, and we loved it. Today, Lensbaby announced that they developed a new color expansion pack for the system that will allow you to get even more creative. Join us after the break for the details. Continue reading…

Lens Filters: What They Are and How They Can Improve Your Photography

landscape photography

If you’re new to lens filters, and unsure about the different types and their applications, this guide is for you.

Whether you’re new to photography, or you’ve been around cameras for a long time, one thing you have probably heard about is lens filters. These small accessories can help photographers get better images in tricky lighting conditions. They even help protect the front element of your expensive lenses too. In this introduction, we will take a quick look at why you might want to use filters, the different types of lens filters, and what they will be able to do for you. Continue reading…

Photography Cheat Sheet: Quick Lens Filter Guide

Filters can help get better results in-camera and save hours of editing. This photography cheat sheet will let you know which one to use.

Ever wondered about how filters work and what they can do to your photos? In a nutshell, these accessories are useful for addressing challenging lighting conditions or creating a certain mood or effect. They work best if you choose the right filter for the right situation, and can affect image quality. There are plenty of resources out there on the topic, but for starters, we have a photography cheat sheet as a quick reference.

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These Aurora Aperture Filters for Mount Adapters Are Quite Unique

With these Aurora Aperture Filters, you’ll never need to mess around with screw-in filters again.

Filters are fantastic. They enable us to produce images that would otherwise be near impossible to create. But as great as they are, they can also be a royal pain. Often, we find ourselves needing multiple copies of the same filters with different thread sizes for the various lenses in our collection. This can lead to camera bags being stuffed to the gills with dozens of accessories. Fortunately, Aurora Aperture has been hard at work creating filters for those who use specific Mirrorless mount modifiers that simply slot into the adapter. Join us after the break to see this unique product, and to find out how you can get your hands on the Aurora Aperture Filters. Continue reading…