Lens Filters: What They Are and How They Can Improve Your Photography

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If you’re new to lens filters, and unsure about the different types and their applications, this guide is for you.

Whether you’re new to photography, or you’ve been around cameras for a long time, one thing you have probably heard about is lens filters. These small accessories can help photographers get better images in tricky lighting conditions. They even help protect the front element of your expensive lenses too. In this introduction, we will take a quick look at why you might want to use filters, the different types of lens filters, and what they will be able to do for you. Continue reading…

Photography Cheat Sheet: Quick Lens Filter Guide

Filters can help get better results in-camera and save hours of editing. This photography cheat sheet will let you know which one to use.

Ever wondered about how filters work and what they can do to your photos? In a nutshell, these accessories are useful for addressing challenging lighting conditions or creating a certain mood or effect. They work best if you choose the right filter for the right situation, and can affect image quality. There are plenty of resources out there on the topic, but for starters, we have a photography cheat sheet as a quick reference.

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These Aurora Aperture Filters for Mount Adapters Are Quite Unique

With these Aurora Aperture Filters, you’ll never need to mess around with screw-in filters again.

Filters are fantastic. They enable us to produce images that would otherwise be near impossible to create. But as great as they are, they can also be a royal pain. Often, we find ourselves needing multiple copies of the same filters with different thread sizes for the various lenses in our collection. This can lead to camera bags being stuffed to the gills with dozens of accessories. Fortunately, Aurora Aperture has been hard at work creating filters for those who use specific Mirrorless mount modifiers that simply slot into the adapter. Join us after the break to see this unique product, and to find out how you can get your hands on the Aurora Aperture Filters. Continue reading…

Learn Something: A Color Filter Guide for Black and White Photography

Ever wondered which color filter to use for which effect when shooting in black and white? We’ve got you covered with another guide and cheat sheet.

At some point in your black and white photography journey, you’ll come across photos shot with color filters. If you’ve been wondering how to use them for your photography, we’ve found just the right stuff for you. First is a primer on using color filters for black and white photography, and then a simple cheat sheet that you can use for quick reference while you’re out shooting!

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The Lensbaby OMNI Creative Filter System Is One the Coolest Things

Lensbaby addresses the portrait photographers’ need for creative, in-camera effects with a new lens filter system for existing lenses.

If you’re fond of shooting with all sorts of objects to create special effects, Lensbaby has something to help make things easier for you. Say hello to the newly released OMNI Creative Filter System, which promises to be a unique professional tool that you can use with your current prime and zoom lenses.

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Review: Lensbaby OMNI Creative Filter System (That Extra Pop We Need)

Photographers who enjoy introducing creative, in-camera effects and light distortions will find lots to love about Lensbaby’s OMNI Creative Filter System.

Any photographers who have experience shooting through objects like prisms, crystals, and mirrors to create unique effects in-camera will tell you that the results are often unpredictable. The process of using these optical modifiers can also be rather bothersome; you have to hold your camera with one hand while manipulating these modifiers with the other. Lensbaby’s OMNI Creative filter System aims to simplify this experience and make creating these in-camera effects less complicated and a more manageable affair. Being announced today, the new system uses prisms and your lens’ filter mount system to give photographers the ability to create some cool in-camera effects.

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Cheap Photo: SanDisk Ultra 64GB Card for $11.99; ND Filter Kit for $21.99

These photography accessories will help you get the most out of your craft.

Work smarter not harder. That’s what I was always told growing up, and the same rings true today. These photography accessories will definitely allow you to work smarter, and they will help you create amazing images. Need some more SD cards? The SanDisk Ultra 64GB is just $11.99! Want to play with ND and graduated filters? The Neewer Complete Cokin P ND and graduated filter kit is only $21.99. If it’s a new tripod you need, the Vanguard Alta Pro 263 AGH with grip head has a discount of $62.75, bringing it down to just $169.95. The Godox AD600 rechargeable strobe is a steal at $529, and the Wacom Bamboo One Drawing pad is a bargain at just $147. Check out all of the photography accessories and their deep discounts after the break. Continue reading…

Review: Alter Rapid Filter System (A Photojournalist’s Essential)

While there have been rapid filter system removable products available on the market for a while, there’s nothing like the Alter Rapid Filter System.

To really understand the Alter Rapid Filter system, you need to analyze how lots of modern photojournalism work is done. There is a greater demand for both high quality video and stills both. We can talk all day about the quality of a still frame taken from a video, but the quality still isn’t there yet for those of us that want to see it super large. And so, the Alter Rapid Filter System accommodates to the needs of the photographer that needs to shoot both video and photo often in the same setting. My days as a tech journalist showed me that this is something that needs to be done pretty often when on a location. And being able to use the Alter Rapid Filter System makes things a whole lot easier.

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Luminar 3.1.0 Features “Completely Human-Aware” Accent AI Filter

The Accent AI filter is the star of Skylum’s latest update to the Luminar photo editing software.

If you’re a heavy user of the Accent AI filter in Luminar, Skylum put it at the heart of its latest upgrade to the photo editing software. With this new update, significant enhancements and content-aware recognition have been added to make it a more efficient, completely human-aware Accent AI 2.0. Skylum has been aware that Accent AI has allowed photographers to utilize a faster workflow by taking care of common adjustments such as shadows, highlights, and contrasts. With the Luminar 3.1.0 update, the company has improved other Accent AI parameters, and equipped it with facial and object recognition technology to help photographers craft more realistic images.

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Review: Irix Light Pollution Filter (Say Goodnight to City Lights)

Irix Light pollution Filter

Light pollution is a real problem, but could things get better for photographers with the Irix Edge Light Pollution filter?

We live in a day and age where electricity rules. This of course is not a bad thing; for one I wouldn’t be here writing this review if it were not for the buzzy stuff flowing through cables everywhere. Electricity also means that we get to turn night to day. Streets are filled with massive glowing buildings, and the roads are lined with lights that allow us to see in the dark, but the city lights (sodium lamps in particular) are polluting the night sky. The yellow glow they give off, and the haze they produce can be seen for miles and miles in all directions. Not only can this have a negative effect on night time cityscapes, the glow can also hamper efforts to capture the night sky, even if you think you’re far enough away from them, the glow will still affect your images.

This is where a product like the Irix Edge Light Pollution filter comes in. The premise is simple. Make a filter that can attempt to block out the sodium lamp spectrum (589nm) so that photographers can take shots at night that will not have a yellow color cast, nor haze that is produced by city lights. The question though is, can this filter do the job?

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Sony Has a New Lineup of Circular Polarizing Filters

If you’re looking to maximize the performance of your Sony lenses in the great outdoors, the company has recently unveiled a new selection of filters to pair with your glass.

Heads up, Sony photographers! Aside from the newly launched 135mm f1.8 G Master FE Lens, Sony has also announced a bunch of new Circular Polarizing Filters. You might want to check them out if you’re a frequent user of filters to maximize the potential and quality of your shots.

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Create Infrared Images with a Filter That Mimics Kodak Aerochrome Film

Those longing to participate in infrared photography can now do so on the cheap with this new filter.

Infrared photography is a specialized genre of photography that doesn’t appeal to everyone, but there is no doubt that infrared images can be quite stunning. Since Kodak Aerochrome film is hard to come by these days, one photographer decided he wanted to be able to bring this type of photography to the masses without having to use a camera conversion and with the use of a full spectrum camera., and without having to spend over $80 on one roll of Kodak Aerochrome. The result is a simple screw on lens filter that mimics the old film perfectly. Find out more after the break.

Editor’s Note: One needs a full spectrum camera in order to get the Aerochrome look.

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The Irix EDGE Light Pollution Filters Will Launch in Time for Astro Season

With light pollution-free areas getting harder to find, these light pollution filters will come in handy for many.

Urban areas are growing at a record setting pace and this creates many problems; light pollution being one of them. Light pollution poses a challenge for photographers who like to shoot during night time hours. The ambient glow from cities stops us from seeing the gorgeous night sky, and often you need to travel many miles before you can get away from the yellow glow of street lights. The good news is that Irix has just released a new line of light pollution filters that may help those who like astrophotography and night time cityscapes. Read on after the break to find out more about these new filters.  Continue reading…

A Warming Lens Filter vs a Warm Filter in Photoshop – Which is Better?

A lens filter can help you get images right in camera, but do they work as well as Photoshop filters?

There’s no doubt about the fact that programs like Lightroom, Capture One, and Photoshop have changed the photography world, but are the changes always for the better? The guys over at NegativeFeedback recently started applying a warming filter to their images in Photoshop, and for the most part the effect was liked. After thinking about things, and after doing a little research, a decision was made to buy a warming lens filter to see if the effect from the analog filter would be better than its digital counterpart. Continue reading…

Video: These Are the Best Filters to Aid Your Landscape Photography

If you’re getting into landscape photography, one of the tricks of the trade you should learn is how to use filters. This quick video tutorial tells you which ones to look for. 

Among the goals of landscape photography is to capture scenes as sharply detailed as possible, with colors and contrast that make the pictures pop. While some may argue that this can be achieved in post-process, Tom Mackie of Landscape Photography iQ explains to us in a quick video which filters get the job done quicker in-camera.

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The Nikon Z 14-30mm f4 S Solves That Pesky Wide Angle Filter Issue

The Nikon Z 14-30mm f4 S isn’t going to prohibit you from using a lens filter.

One of the biggest problems with wide angle zooms is that they often don’t let a photographer attach a lens filter–but the Nikon Z 14-30mm f4 S is looking to change that. In fact, this is the biggest thing that stands out to us in the press release. The f4 constant aperture zoom lens starts out at 14mm and at that focal length you’ll be able to attach a standard UV, Neutral Density, Polarizing, etc. type of ring filter.

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You Can Now Use Your Camera Filters with the New ONDU MK III Pinhole Cameras

Pinhole camera makers ONDU promises the ONDU MK III, with its array of impressive new and improved features, to be its “most advanced and versatile” series yet. 

The ONDU MK III is in the early stages of its Kickstarter campaign as we speak, yet it already seems poised to become one of the (if not the) most advanced pinhole cameras in the market. Now equipped with several new features, ONDU’s latest series of handcrafted pinhole cameras is geared towards those who wish to do more with pinhole photography.

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Wine Country Camera Introduces Affordable Blackstone ND Circular Filters

If you’ve lusted after Wine Country Camera’s high end filters, this is news you’ve been waiting for!

Wine Country Camera, the boutique filter systems manufacturer known for making high-end camera filters and filter holders, just announced that they will be offering their Blackstone ND filters in circular sizes. This means that Wine Country’s Blackstone ND filter technology can now be had at a much lower price point. Made using the latest Vapor Deposition Coating technology, Wine Country Camera’s premium Blackstone ND filter line offers advancements over competing, traditionally dye-based ND filters which are known to sometimes cause color cast.

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B+W Filters is Showing off Their New Packaging at Photokina

Schneider Kreuznach is set to present several improvements to their B+W Filters at the Photokina 2018.

If you’re already excited about checking out the manufacturers’ booths for the upcoming Photokina on September 26 – 29 in Cologne, you might want to add Schneider Kreuznach on your list. The German optics company is set to bring some improvements to their B+W Filters and related accessories. These include new packaging design, a B+W ND Calculator App, innovative surface coating for filter mounts, and new B+W square filters. Landscape photographers in particular may be interested in checking these out.

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The Secret Weapon for Night Photography Is This Filter

Photography at night can bring mystery, viewer curiosity, and (when done right) rich color to your work.

It’s common knowledge that at night you should have a tripod and cable release at a minimum, but there’s one tool that’s considered a secret weapon among successful night photographers and that’s an intensifier filter. An intensifier filter (AKA red intensifier, light pollution killer and the technical name “didymium”) is a tool every photographer needs to have in their kit. Basically, the intensifier works by targeting the light emitted by common street lamps and dramatically reduces the muddy yellow glow as the light passes through the filter. What you end up with is a clean RAW file with rich color, and increased contrast and sharpness.

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The Neutral Density Filter That You Probably Don’t Know About, But Should

Photography is an art and craft revolving around controlling light.

The more we know about controlling light the better off we are as creators. But in addition to that, we need the proper tools to control light. Without the right tools, we limit our potential to create work based on our vision, which is a frustrating thing. It’s also important to have quality tools that are reliable and produce predictable results. One of the most straightforward ways to control light is with a neutral density filter but there are some very important things to look out for when finding the right filter.

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