15 Nature Photographs That Prove How Beautiful the Universe Is

2021 was a fantastic year of photography. Despite ongoing hurdles, we’ve been balled over by the work rate and creativity of photographers from around the world. Photographers have traveled far and wide, explored new lands, and showed us how beautiful our world truly is. Some incredible nature photography has come our way throughout this year, and in this article we’re sharing 15 photographs that highlight our wonderful world.

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1. Matt Jackisch Shares His Spectacular Nature Photography

This image came our way this summer. Matt Jackisch has a range of nature images that can make you grateful to be alive. On shooting nature, he said, “nature remains my benchmark for reality. I simply wish to express aspects of our reality that have largely become too subtle to appreciate or are too complex to convey.” Camera used: Nikon D810.

2. Ludwig Favre’s Haunting Nature Photography

Ludwig Favre shoots his haunting landscapes between Oregon and Iceland, two destinations known for their incredible nature. We love the spooky element of this photograph and the creative aspect of the light painting. Camera used: Panasonic Lumix S1R.

3. Mitch Dobrowner’s Nature Photography Tackles Extreme Weather

Although extreme weather can be catastrophic for society, it offers spectacular visuals. Mitch Dobrowner recognizes this and developed a series that looks at hurricanes in California shot in monochrome. Camera used: Canon EOS 5DS R.

4. Paul Boomsma’s Nature Photography Makes You Want to Be There

As well as photographing wildlife, Paul Boomsma likes to focus his lens on nature. He’s traveled the world to great extent, and throughout that time he’s amassed a beautiful portfolio. Above is just one example of his remarkable work. Camera used: Fujifilm X-T3.

5. Rod Evans Combines Nature And Lightpainting

Astrophotography is a subset of nature photography that grabs the attention of many photography fans. But it can look similar. Rod Evans decided to combine the starry skies with ambitious light paintings. As you can see from the image above, he did a remarkable job. Camera used: Canon T6i.

6. The Nature Photography of Barney Smith Goes Underwater

Most of us get our nature fix from above sea level. It’s easier to access and often comes with less risk. We’re grateful for photographers like Barney Smith who go into the ocean to give us all a different perspective. As well as seeing the wonders of earth from beneath, we also get access to its inhabitants. Camera Used: Nikonos V.

7. Through Nature Photography Roland Kraemer Fell in Love

Sticking with the earth’s waters, the above photograph by Roland Kraemer is the visual of a love story. “I didn’t know how much I needed the ocean in my life and how calm I feel being close to it,” he told us in his interview. During his time with the calm waters, he created a lovely series of images. Camera used: Sony a7 III.

8. Paolo Pettigiani Explores Nature Photography in Infrared

Bolivia and Peru are two of the most beautiful locations on planet earth. Fact. To further amplify their beauty, Paolo Pettigiani shot their landscapes in infrared. We will let this photo speak for itself. And there are plenty more just like this. Camera used: Canon EOS R.

9. Caitlin Fullam’s Nature Photography is Full of Surreal Landscapes

Colorado and New Mexico are the stomping grounds for landscape photographer Caitlin Fullam. Her work is dreamy and the above photo only gives strength to that statement. Even better is that her work involves double exposures shot on film! Camera used: Canon EOS Rebel 2000.

10. Aditya Kinjawadekar Shot a 360° View of the Milky Way

The milky way is one of the universe’s most astounding natural elements. That’s why so many astrophotographers flock to capture it. Aditya Kinjawadekar put his own twist on one of the industry’s most-seen images. He shot a 360° view and, as you can see, had fantastic results. Camera used: Sony A7 III.

11. Dominika Koszowska’s Photo Won Her Awards

Dominika Koszowska’s lucid, impactful nature photograph won her first place in the landscape category at this year’s Mobiography awards. A warm photograph splashed with a hint of green, and strong use of framing was enough to net her the number one spot. Camera used: Unknown.

12. Cath Simard Creates Magic on Her Landscape Trips

The above image is just one of the many magical creations connected to Cath Simard. She loves to explore the Rockies and other amazing parts of nature. She’s often on her own, documenting what she finds in her unique style. It’s no surprise she’s an official Sony ambassador. Camera used: Sony a7r.

13. Travis Greer’s Jaw-Dropping Lightening Photo

“Passion is what drives and compels me to capture photos and tell a story in compelling, innovative, and emotive ways,” said Travis Greer. There is more to the story here. Making photographs helped Greer overcome certain difficulties in life, including his darkest emotions. Camera used: Canon 5D Mk II.

14. Tiina Törmänen Goes to Remote Parts of Finland

We can describe this small, remote lake in Finland as Tiina Törmänen’s happy place. She often returns to her favorite spot to make more images from underneath the waters. A lovely, gentle image and one that offers a sense of peace. Camera used: Canon EOS R5.

15. Artur Lahoz Found Love in The Stars

Artur Lahoz uses his film camera to shoot the stars in the sky. He then uses the double exposure technique and incorporates portraits of the people he cares about into his final image. Very difficult but pulled off perfectly. Camera used: Nikon FM.

Here’s to 2022!

The photos above evidence how fabulous this year was. It’s been a joy highlighting the work made by such talented photographers. But as one year ends, another begins, and we’re ready for the next bunch of photographs that will come our way. Use the form below to send us your best work if you want to be seen. Thanks for reading.

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Lead photo by Matt Jackisch. All images used with permission.

Dan Ginn

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