Three Tests of Survival for a PNY PRO Elite Class Card

This was a fun set of tests to do: more for me and less for the poor PNY PRO Elite Class 10 U3 V30 SD card. At The Phoblographer, we test weather sealing and weather-resistant claims by manufacturers. If you can stomach this, check out the video at the bottom of this page, where we did some major weather testing simulations. If a product is stated to have certain qualities, we’re of the firm belief that they have to be tested and proved. We don’t take anything for face value. The test with the PNY PRO Elite SD 512 GB card was a little different though. The “Extreme Performance” that they state under the properties of this card has to do with its read and write speeds. I read this only after doing my torture tests though.

Too Long, Didn’t Read

This test involved three extreme steps.

  • A 15 minute wash inside a front loading washing machine that was finished off with a 500 spin cycle
  • 12 hours inside a 1°F / -17°C temperature freezer, followed by four hours inside a refrigerator
  • 180 minutes of being strapped onto an outdoor metal pole that measured at 116°F / 46°C

I know most SD cards aren’t built for these kinds of tests and I was hesitant at first to do them. Noting could withstand three continuous hours of exposure to Dubai’s midday sun (even in winter).

You’ll just have to read on to understand how the card fared through these tests!

Little did this packaged card know what was coming for it

Gear used

I tested the 512 GB PNY PRO Elite Class 10 U3 V30 SD card using the below:

  • Nikon Z6 II
  • Sabrent Premium 3 Port Aluminum USB 3.0 Hub with Multi-in-1 Card Reader
  • Bompani BI2876 6KG Front Load Washing Machine
  • Bompani Freezer and Refrigerator
  • Thermoworks Super Fast Thermapen thermometer

Test 1 – The Washing Machine

But first, a quick check to see if the card worked before subjecting it to some of the most extreme tests any SD card would have been through in Dubai. It worked perfectly as any good SD card from PNY should.

11th October 6:10pm, before going for a super quick spin

I clicked a quick picture and even shot a snippet of 4K video onto the card.

I might be smiling here, but it’s really just to give some hope to the SD card I had to dupe into getting inside the washing machine.

There was a lot of hesitation before starting the washing cycle. But it had to be done for science (and because we thought we’d celebrate World Photography Day with some torture tests)!

15 minutes later, I carefully took it out. It was still in one piece. I hung it to dry for a short while before heading on to Test two. That’s right I didn’t allow it to relax much.

Test 2 – The Freezer and Refrigerator

I used a Giottos Q air blower on the card after I hung it to dry and before I put it into the card reader. The reader recognized the card and saw the folders in there, even after all those wet spins.

Time to move on to the first of two extreme temperature tests. Spending the night in my freezer at temperatures that went down to 1°F / -17°C

I collected as much information in a scientific method as I could for these tests. I didn’t want to risk subjecting the card to temperature shock, so after spending 12 hours in a freezer overnight, I put it in my fridge for four hours.

Test 3 – The Dubai Midday Sun

I was genuinely afraid that the PNY SD card would melt at the points where it was in contact with the metal railing on my balcony. If it were out there for a couple of hours more, it probably would have. But the card didn’t have to deform for it to stop functioning as expected. Extended contact with and temperature body could mess up the interior of the card anyway.

After three hours, I measured the temperature of the railing. It was 116°F / 46°C. And this is just before winter is set to begin in Dubai. Imagine what it would have gone up to in the peak of summer. There’s no way that the SD card was going to survive this. It was probably going to be the shortest-lived 512GB SD card on the planet.


It didn’t stutter. There was no extra long wait to see if the 512 GB PNY PRO Elite Class 10 U3 V30 SD card would be read by the multi-card reader.

13th October 1:32pm, after the direct sunlight test

Just as it did when it was first taken out of its packaging and put into the card reader the first time, the card was immediately recognized. That is one tough SD card

It later went out to celebrate with America’s most popular children’s TV star, Blippi.


When we received an email from PNY about World Photography Day, we asked them to send over a card for a “fun test.” No details of the tests were disclosed, and Editor in Chief Chris approved all my torture test choices before I began the first one. I’m delighted that the PNY Pro Elite SD card made it through all of them. I honestly didn’t think it would pass all three tests, but it proved to be a real fighter.

These tests were conducted under expert supervision, even if I’m not an expert at setting a laundry cycle. Want one? You can find them on Amazon.

Feroz Khan

Never seen without a camera (or far from one), Feroz picked up the art of photography from his grandfather at a very early age (at the expense of destroying a camera or two of his). Specializing in sports photography and videography for corporate short films, when he’s not discussing or planning his next photoshoot, he can usually be found staying up to date on aviation tech or watching movies from the 70s era with a cup of karak chai.