To the Mountains! 3 Legged Thing Billy 2.0 Tripod Review

Tripods seem to be either lightweight or strong. If they’re versatile, they often compromise on either strength or weight. That’s where the 3 Legged Thing Billy 2.0 comes into play. While it’s built with the beginner in mind, its light weight and versatility are sure to entice working photographers. The tripod is small enough to comfortably travel with or throw in your backpack and go hiking. And it is also sturdy enough for longer exposures. The Billy 2.0 aims to be your go-to travel companion.

Too Long Didn’t Read

The 3 Legged Thing Billy 2.0 is an excellent choice for beginners. Its light weight is a draw for travel, landscape and wildlife photographers. Don’t forget the multi-tool carabiner. You will need to add weight to it for those longer exposures or windy conditions.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight
  • It has a carrying bag
  • Detachable monopod
  • Adaptable and versatile


  • Need to weigh it down or man the tripod in windy conditions
  • The leg locks could be more substantial
  • The feet can come loose easily


The 3 Legged Thing Billy isn’t completely redesigning the tripod. It is expounding upon a tried and true blueprint with a few added tricks. It is designed to be ultra-portable thanks to its use of carbon fiber.

Tech Specs

All tech specs are provided from the manufacturer.

  • Compact carbon fibre general use tripod that is light enough for travel and built to withstand the rigours of everyday use
  • Designed for all types of photography
  • Four section legs, one section column
  • Load capability of 18 kg / 40 lbs
  • Folded length 17.9”
  • Max height 65.3” 
  • 3 detachable legs enables conversion to monopods and to tabletop use with the addition of optional Vanz footwear (add-on purchase) 
  • Suggested retail price: $339.99

Gear Used

I tested the 3 Legged Thing Billy 2.0 tripod with the Fujifilm X-T4 with an 18mm f1.4 LM WR lens, and the Fujifilm GFX50s II with the Fujifilm GF 110mm f2 lens.


The 3 Legged Thing is a very lightweight and versatile tripod that has a detachable monopod when needed. The three-pound tripod folds up into a carrying case that simplifies its transport.

At the top of the tripod is a quick-release plate with an attached level. Underneath the quick release plate, you will find the ball and head joint with two knobs. The larger knob allows you to move the ball head in all directions. The small knob is for rotating it from side to side.

Next, you will find another knob to raise the center column up and down.

At the end of that column is a detachable ring that you can attach items to like a camera or camera bag.

Continuing down the tripod, we have the top of the tripod legs. The plastic buttons lock the legs into place. Push the buttons to swing the legs up and down.

The legs have three adjustment knobs on each to dial in the ideal height.

Last but not least are the tripod’s feet which are made of rubber. These feet are interchangeable; additional feet are available on the manufacturer’s website.

Build Quality

The Billy 2.0 strikes a balance between being lightweight and reliable. It is built primarily with carbon fiber to make it ultra-portable. Additional weight was cut by utilizing very lightweight coated metal. I think the leg locks could benefit from a more robust material or heavier metal, if only for peace of mind. I’d also prefer a metal ball head enclosure. The ball head rotates smoothly. Additionally, the tripod plate is made of metal and seems to lock into place securely.

Ease of Use

If you’ve used a tripod before, this 3 Legged Thing is pretty straightforward. It is very lightweight to carry around. The carrying bag is a nice added touch if you aren’t attaching it to a backpack.

I took the Billy 2.0 to the top of the mountains at sunset for a 3-second exposure with a Fujifilm X-T4. Additional weight was not added because I wanted to see if it could hold its own. The winds did knock the tripod around a bit, although the image is entirely usable. I would recommend adding weight to the center column in more adverse conditions. Because of this, I added weight when shooting with the Fujifilm GFX50s II to extinguish any worry.

Conclusions of the 3 Legged thing Billy 2.0


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Very versatile
  • The carrying bag with interior zip pockets is a nice touch


  • I wish the locking mechanisms on the legs were more substantial
  • I’d prefer the metal coating to be of a different material that doesn’t feel like plastic

The 3 Legged Thing Billy 2.0 is an excellent choice for budding photographers. Its light weight also makes it ideal for travel and backpacking. The hook on the center mount and carabiner multi-tool make it easier to add weight for longer exposures. I appreciate the all-metal and carbon fiber components. I do wish the metal coating used throughout were made of a different material. All nit-picking aside, the tripod is solid and its materials should last.

We’re giving the 3 Legged Thing Billy 2.0 four out of five stars. Want one? Check out Amazon!

Brittany Smith

Brittany is a commercial fashion and portrait photographer working in Montana and NYC. When not behind a camera she can usually be found at a local artisan coffeeshop, writing for photography education sites and publications, teaching fitness classes, or baking something fabulous.