6 Beautiful Examples of How Photography Promotes Body Positivity

Photography is a wonderful way to develop body positivity.

The human form is a diverse and beautiful thing. And photography is a brilliant process that allows us to capture peoples’ identities. Some subjects love their body while others are learning to love it. Whatever a person’s motivation is to be in front of the camera, the photographer is there to facilitate it. Being behind the camera can help with body positivity too, and we’ve covered this topic at length over the years. Here are some of the more memorable stories we’ve published.

How Photowalking Helps With Body Positivity

Back in 2018, our EIC Chris Gampat published a piece about photo walking. In it, he covers how being active helps with health and fitness. The beauty of photo walking is that it doesn’t feel like exercise: while you are having fun making photos, you’re burning calories too. In this very candid article, Chris shared how the power of photo walking helped him overcome obesity.

Jillian Powers Wakes Up to Body Positivity

In 2015, Jillian Powers shared her story with us. Prior to doing a portrait shoot with a friend, she photographed herself to experiment with lighting. While testing her shots, a series of body positivity began, which Powers named “I Woke Up Like This.”

On why she chose to shoot the images first thing in the morning, Powers said, “I chose this time of day because it is the moment we begin to criticize and shame our bodies.” The purpose of the series was to empower women and help love their bodies even when they tend to be most critical. The outcome was a beautiful series of photographs.

How to Improve How You Look in Photos

One of the main complaints we hear is, “I always look terrible in photographs.” Often, when people think this, they start to think negatively about how they look. But it’s seldom their appearance that’s the problem: it’s how the image was shot.

Angles and posing make or break a photograph. But if you know how to do it correctly, you will soon realize how good you can look in an image. Check out some tips here!

Desexualisation of Photography

Portrait & Fashion Photography

People often criticize the photo industry because of its sexualization of women. This, combined with certain beauty standards, can lead to a lack of body positivity within society.

The line between sexualization and body-positive nude photography is often blurred. In 2018 we dove deep into the topic and highlighted the importance of intent. Take a look.

Authentic Adult Entertainment

Adult entertainment is a polarizing industry. But one photography duo is working to break the stigma and status quo. Rather than shoot paid actors, Bright Desire works with real-life couples. The aim is to create an authentic set of films that show a more true-to-life exploration of intimacy. Rather than create unrealistic standards, the photo duo promotes body positivity and genuine connections. See it here.

The Power of the Photo Essay

Some humans have to face tough challenges in life. Those challenges can relate to both health and self-esteem. When Angelo Merendino’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, he did what natural photographers do: he documented the journey.

In a piece that offers little words, the photo essay captures his wife’s truly emotional journey in terms of treatment and body transformation. It’s almost 10 years since we published this article, and it remains one of our most powerful stories to date.

Photographers Promoting Body Positivity

As society progresses, we expect to see more photographers working towards improved body positivity. Which photographers do you feel are spreading a positive message to the world in relation to body image? Maybe you’re a photographer working on a project that explores the topic? If so, reach out to us via email. Send your work to arts [at] the Phoblographer dot com.

Dan Ginn

Dan Ginn is a content writer and journalist. He brings with him five years' experience writing in the photographic niche. During that time he has worked with a range of leading brands, as well as a host of professional photographers within the industry.