Robert Sapp Electrified Us with His Latest Creation

Image by Robert Sapp. Used with permission.

Now and then, an image pops up that stands out from what we’re used to seeing. Photographer Robert Sapp created this latest image that captured our attention and got our mouths watering. It’s an image of static electricity running between two people. At the time of writing this, it has gathered over 25 thousand interactions on Reddit, with photographers and hobbyists alike showing their admiration for the shot. Wanting to know more, we reached out to Sapp, asking him to share the story behind the frame. Thankfully, he was more than happy to oblige.

Essential Gear Used by Robert Sapp

  • Camera: Canon EOS R
  • Lens: Canon 50mm f2.5 Macro
  • Violet Wand
  • Violet Wand Body Contact Pad

Phoblographer: Why did you choose that specific gear?

RS: We chose this gear because we needed to create a safe electrical current to travel from one model to the next. Surprisingly, one of the models had a violet wand at home.

As an artist, I believe there is always that pressure to create something more impactful than your last piece of work.

Robert Sapp

Phoblographer: When people first see this photo, their reaction is likely to be, “He must have used Photoshop.” What do you say to that?

Robert Sapp: You can create unique and thought-provoking images with a little bit of creativity and imagination. Photoshop is a great tool, and I use it daily for other bodies of work, but if you can do everything in-camera, do it.

Phoblographer: Where did the inspiration come from to create this photograph?

Robert Sapp: The inspiration came from my friend Krystyna Jarosz. She had the idea of using an electrical current and transferring it between two bodies.

Phoblographer: How long did it take to create the photograph? Please give us details of what the process of creation was like.

Robert Sapp: A few hours, a couple of patient models, and a violet wand. (I know!) We set up for the shot in one of the model’s bedrooms using natural window light. One of the models attached the contact pad to her body, and that’s all we needed to create the current. We originally wanted to shoot them kissing and getting the electricity to flow between their lips. After many failed attempts at capturing it, we decided to try it with fingers. Voilà, we were able to capture the shot with continuous shooting.

Phoblographer: The image has gained a lot of attention online. Did you expect this kind of reaction? How does it make you feel?

RS: Honestly, I almost didn’t post it at all on any of my social media. I shared the final image with a couple of close photographer friends and they expressed their love for it. I then decided to post it on Instagram and, funny enough, Reddit, which I rarely use.

Phoblographer: After creating such a stand out image, do you feel pressure to outdo it and create something even more captivating?

RS: As an artist, I believe there is always that pressure to create something more impactful than your last piece of work. I strive to make sure every piece of my work is more unique than the last.

Phoblographer: Now that you’ve got people’s attention, what else should they know about you as a photographer?

RS: I struggle with a mood disorder called Bipolar 1, and I use my art as my therapy. A lot of my work is based on my emotions at the time of the capture. My art isn’t for the faint-hearted. My work captures emotions and makes you feel, whether good or bad. If you like beautiful, dark, emotional photography. Check me out. I promise you’ll see nothing but unique art.

You can see more of Robert’s work by visiting his Instagram.

Dan Ginn

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