The Phoblographer’s List of Great Women Photographers in 2020

As each year goes by, we’re happy to see more and more women photographers get the recognition they deserve. The Phoblographer has long been committed to highlighting female photographers’ skills, and in 2020 we’ve been lucky to feature some inspirational work. It’s hard to put a list together of the best, especially when the standard is so high! But we spent our time separating the very best from the rest to show you the great women photographers of 2020.

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Great Women Photographers of 2020 / Chinelle Ro

We are partial to some splendid self-portraits. We were very excited when the work of newly named Fujifilm X-Photographer, Chinelle Ro, came our way. Honestly, they’re some of the best self-portraits we’ve seen. They are full of color, character, and meaning. Really inspiring work!

Great Women Photographers of 2020 / Katarina Premfors

Fatima Al Hameli, UAE first female camel breeder in the desert of Liwa in the Empty Quarter or Rub Al Khalid. This is where Fatima grew up and used to hunt with her father.

We were so impressed by the work of Katarina Premfors that we featured her twice in 2020. Once as a regular feature, and another as part of our successful Visual Momentum series. Aside from creating amazing images, Premfors has the knack for storytelling. A worth entry in our list of great women photographers of 2020.

Great Women Photographers of 2020 / Barbara Cole

White Noise

Barbara Cole is the perfect example of when photography becomes pure art. You could easily mistake her photographs for paintings. Shooting underwater, Cole makes images rich in color and flowing with movement. Not only do they belong in publications around the world, but they’re also perfect for a print to hang up on the wall!

Great Women Photographers of 2020 / Shanyn Fiske

Shanyn Fiske describes herself as a fashion photographer that doesn’t belong. She told The Phoblographer, “I’m 45 years old. I’m a petite Asian woman. I don’t fit the mold of the fashion photographer in this country in any way, shape, or form.” Regardless of who she is, her work speaks for itself— she’s a talented fashion photographer who knows her stuff. We’re thrilled she has been able to carve a name of for herself in our industry.

Great Women Photographers of 2020/ Lena Weisbek

Sometimes photos don’t immediately have to stand out for you to notice their worth. Instead, you must spend some time with them to appreciate their full impact. Munich-based photographer Lena Weisbek has a series of images that slowly lure you into their beauty, offering you a peaceful state of mind. They’re calming, minimalist images that make her one of our great women photographers of 2020.

Our Street Photography Contest Winner / Nina Welch-Kling

In 2020, The Phoblographer was pleased to have our own street photography contest. We had a large number of entries, and the overall winner really stood out from the pack. Nina Welch-Kling is a street photographer based in NYC. She creates timeless black and white street images (with the odd dash of color) that shows the greatness of New York. A worthy winner and a top draw street photographer in 2020!

Awesome Astrophotography / Isabella Tabacchi

We adore astrophotography. And we honestly wish more women were represented in this genre. One of the great women photographers in 2020 flying the flag for astrophotography was Isabella Tabacchi. Her images are breathtaking. They’re perfect for a screen saver on a high-res screen. Combining the beautiful night sky and its lights, with beautiful silhouettes of the trees, Tabacchi has found her photographic voice, and we were thrilled to share it with our readers.

Dance Photographer / Tatiana Wills

Tatiana Wills is a dance photographer that uses medium format film. Her weapon of choice is the Mamiya RZ67, and with it, she creates beautiful still portraits of dancers. Often shot in front of a colorful backdrop, her subjects show their strength and prowess through the images Wills makes. We love seeing her doing her own thing, and she had some of the most stand-out work in 2020.

Boudoir Photographer / Kat Grudko

Kat Grudko understands boudoir photography. She knows it goes way beyond making people look sexy. She pays attention to every little detail and does her best to make her subjects connect to themselves and their bodies. Her images feel unforced, as if she has been photographing her subjects for years. They’re extremely classy and some of the most well-crafted boudoir photographs we’ve published.

Your Favorite Women Photographers in 2020

We’re sure you’ll enjoy our great women photographers in 2020. But we also would like to know yours. Let us know in the comments below to floats your boat, and we will be sure to check them out.

Dan Ginn

Dan Ginn is a content writer and journalist. He brings with him five years' experience writing in the photographic niche. During that time he has worked with a range of leading brands, as well as a host of professional photographers within the industry.