5 YouTube Channels Perfect for Learning About Landscape Photography

If you want to develop your skills in landscape photography, these YouTube channels are a good source of education.

Landscape photography takes a lot of time, dedication, and patience. Endless scouting for the perfect scene, long hikes to the ideal spot, and a deep understanding of light are all parts of creating an amazing photograph. But what makes it so tricky also makes it so enjoyable, especially if you love the great outdoors. If you’re struggling to create the same magical landscape photos as the photographers who inspire you, you need quality tutorials — below we share exactly what you need.

1. Thomas Heaton

Thomas Heaton is likely to be the most well-known YouTuber on this list. His channel currently has over 400,000 subscribers and is one of the first to be recommended when browsing landscape photography. Heaton has almost 20 years experience in the field and has traveled extensively throughout that time. He encourages viewers to virtually accompany him on his magical treks, all while teaching them skills in landscape photography.

2. Mark Denney

Mark Denney started landscape photography to help manage his anxiety. Forced into the methodical process synonymous with landscape photography, Denney was able to focus his energy and calm himself. Today, he uses his knowledge to teach people from all around the world. From in-camera tutorials to post-production classes, Denney educates people about the process from start to finish. He also offers one on one classes to those needing more detailed tutoring.

3. Attilio Ruffo

Based in Milan, Italy, and Walnut Creek, California, Attilio Ruffo teaches landscape photography with a fine art twist. On his channel, you’ll learn how to best execute long exposures, how to pick the best lens filters, and a host of other techniques. Ruffo brings a lot of passion to his tutorials, making them interesting and engaging while you learn.

4. Nigel Danson

“I am passionate about landscape photography and the great outdoors,” writes Nigel Danson. He transmutes that passion into his dedicated landscape photography tutorials. Danson likes to dig deep into the topic, teaching things like evoking an emotional response through your landscape photography – we’re big fans of that. You can also learn other important skills on Danson’s channel, like how to keep your camera clean when traveling, for example.

5. Perea Photography

Mike and Chris Perea have teamed together to share their vast knowledge and experience in landscape photography. They provide tips for shooting landscapes depending on the season, how to build an image from the foreground to the background, and even how to find great light in bad weather conditions. There’s something for every level of landscape photographer, and the chemistry the two photographers have make their channel very entertaining.

Where Do You Learn About Landscape Photography?

Let’s keep the sharing of knowledge flowing. Tell us in the comments below where you get your education in landscape photography, or if you fancy yourself as a well-versed landscape photographer with the knowledge to share! Until then, enjoy the channels above, and enjoy your new-found skills in one of photography’s most enjoyable genres!

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