Photography Cheat Sheet: Which Tripod Is Right for You?

A tripod is certainly an essential tool for every photographer, so this photography cheat sheet helps you decide which type is best for the work you do.

Photographers are recommended to invest in a good tripod, with some kinds of photography more in need of it than others. However, with so many different options out there, it may be overwhelming to pore through all of them and come to a decision. If you’re planning to get a tripod soon but aren’t quite sure yet what to get, this photography cheat sheet from Canon Asia should be able to help.

In their quick guide below, Canon Asia has made choosing a tripod very easy for photographers. By matching the photography genres with the types of tripod best for them, the guide makes it easier and quicker for photographers to narrow down their search.

If you’re a jetsetting photographer, portability is one of your non-negotiables, so you’re most likely going to benefit from a tripod that can fit vertically in your carry-on bag. Among your options are travel tripods which are both compact and light, and work great for long exposures and amateur videos. Pocket tripods also pair great with small cameras and for taking group photos. 

If you shoot a lot of outdoor and nature photos, you’ll also find travel tripods and some pocket tripods useful. Landscape photographers, however, have to make sure they get durable options that come with other features particularly useful for landscape photography.

Aside from tripods, monopods can also be options for sports and wildlife photographers who need both flexibility and stability. It may take a bit of practice and getting used to, so we suggest also checking out some tips for using monopods like a pro.

Lastly, if you plan to do a lot of work in the studio, whether portraits or product shots for clients, you’ll need a strong and heavy studio tripod to keep your camera and other equipment stable. You can start with travel tripods since they’re pretty versatile, but if you need something that can support medium format and large format cameras as well, full-sized studio tripods are recommended.

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