Flickr Is TRYING to Improve Groups with New Admin Tools

Flickr promises a better, easier, more intuitive curating experience for group admins with their latest improvements.

With photographers being able to spend more time on social media and online communities lately, Flickr made a timely decision to roll out some improvements to the group admin experience. The company announced some tools to make Flickr groups management and curation easier especially for new group admins. Whether you’re planning to start a photography community on Flickr or already managing one, this update should be particularly useful.

According to the announcement, they’ve made the group creation process more streamlined and easier for new group admins. First, the group creation flow was simplified so there are only a few options to be selected to get a group started. Next, a few links on the group Overview page were also added to allow editing important group details straight from the main page. These include Description, Rules, and Moderation policies. A simplified Administration page is also in the works to make group information overview more concise.

For group moderators who have been wanting to review submissions before they are added to the Group Pool, Flickr has also updated the Admin Pending Queue. Bulk approve and bulk deny features have been retained but the batch size has been increased to 100. When submissions have been approved or denied, the photos are immediately removed from the list.

Some group admins may want to take the opportunity to catch up with their backlog of submissions. Useful to this is an added filter that sorts the queue by newest or oldest photos submitted, as well as the ability to block or ban a group member from the Pending Queue.

Another good news is that these updates also work great on mobile web so it will be easier for admins to moderate groups while on the go.

Check out the Flickr blog for more information and to keep tabs on their site updates.