5 Street Photographs That Will Make You Smile Today

Street photography can offer you a lot, even a cheeky laugh and a smile.

Street photography is a fun genre of photography. There are no creative limitations, and you can experience a wave of emotions dependent on the kind of work you view. Some street photographers like to focus on social justice, while others want to get you interested in the mundane. And some street photographers look for candid moments that are sure to put a smile on your face. To cheer you up, here are five street photographs that are sure to make you giggle.

1. Tomasz Kulbowski

Tomasz Kulbowski is a Polish-based street and documentary photographer. He has a range of images that aim to tell a story and get people thinking. But it was the image above that really caught our eye. You’ve seen people walk their dogs, even their cats, but to see someone take their pig for an outside adventure is very much against the norm. Just for the sheer surprise factor, it certainly made us chuckle.

2. Francesco Giannella

Francesco Giannella took this next photo. A former Miami Street Photography Festival finalist, Giannella has shot street photography all around the world. It was his inside scoop of what life is like behind the scenes for the world’s most recognizable superhero that made us laugh. Does superman like to go to the gym or take his dog for a walk when he’s not saving the world? Nope, he likes to take a quiet seat and light up a cigarette! Hardly the poster boy for health and wellbeing!

3. Tavepong Pramtoomwong

Tavepong Pramtoomwong is well known for his humorous street photography. He has made a name for himself for witty coincidences that happen in the public space. Call us a little childish, but this photo of two monkeys having some action is great. Imagine you’re the man, taking your seat, reading your mantras, and trying to relax. Only for two monkeys to come along and celebrate their wild passion in the middle of your tranquility.

4. Carlo Galbiati

We don’t know much about Carlo Galbiati, other than he goes by the alias, Virus Photography. He’s a street shooter, and most of his work is gritty, minimalist black and white photography. But this image follows the classic “person walks in front of an interesting wall” approach. Yes, it’s tired, but this example keeps it fresh with the timing of the shot, as the girl on the wall kindly kisses the man on the head!

5. Paul Russell

When it comes to street photography, Paul Russell is a seasoned pro. He was a long-standing member of iN-Public, one of the scenes most highly regarded collectives. The above photo has been seen far and wide; it’s one of the main players in his portfolio. The juxtaposition of the man, deep in thought, pondering life, and the person in a big yellow fury shoot throw you off guard and makes you smile!

Street Photography That Makes You Laugh

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All images are screenshots.