Photography Cheat Sheet: Landscape Photography Checklist

Before you embark on your first landscape photography adventure, make sure to go through today’s photography cheat sheet.

When it comes to landscape photography, being prepared is paramount to getting the picture-perfect shots. This doesn’t only involve picking out the best spots, but also making sure you cover all the other important stuff that you need to do before, during, and after the shoot. For today’s featured photography cheat sheet, we have a simple yet effective check list that will help you avoid making the mistake of being unprepared.

The cheat sheet below, by Capture Landscapes, encourages anyone who wants to get into landscape photography to make it a habit of going through this checklist before they leave, while in the field, or once they’re back home. These simple reminders are recommended in order to avoid forgetting to charge your battery, getting the wrong camera settings when shooting a fleeting scene, or not making back-ups of your photos.

The night before your shoot, check your memory card to make sure you have enough space. Nothing is more frustrating for a landscape photographer than to miss or avoid some shots because their memory cards are already full. Before you leave, make sure your batteries are charged and you have some spare charged batteries with you. Check your camera bag a few hours before you leave so you’re not hurrying to pack anything you may have forgotten.

In the field, always check your camera settings, the focus of your image, and the composition. This will make sure your photos are well-exposed, well-composed, and correctly focused. Other things to look out for include distracting elements from the frame — even the corners.

Once you’re home, import and back up your photos immediately. If you’re editing your photos in Lightroom, you’ll find applying keywords to your images helpful when sifting through all your shots. If you’re an occasional landscape photography shooter and just give it a go once in a while, don’t forget to reset the shutter speed, ISO, and aperture settings to your default or most used values.

Don’t forget to print this out or have a copy of this checklist in your phone for your next shoot!

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