Stunning Winning Images from the International Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition of 2019

If you’re looking for some impressive works to inspire your landscape photography, the winning images from the International Landscape Photographer of the Year will surely do the trick.

The International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition once again showcases some of the best work from photographers across the world with the winner announcement for its sixth run. If you’ve been keeping tabs on this competition and have been waiting for the winning images, you’ll surely find inspiration from the results!

Oleg Ershov, an amateur photographer from Russia, bested over 1,000 professional and amateur photographers and over 3,400 entries from all over the world, emerging as the winner of the 6th International Landscape Photographer of the Year (based on a folio submission of at least 4 images). His winning images show an impressive eye for textures, shapes, and colors of the stunning scenes he photographed.

Yang Guang from China and Blake Randall from Canada bagged the second and third places, respectively.

According to the competition organizers, the award seeks to recognize a photographer who can provide more than a single winning image, and demonstrate a “degree of consistency and repeatability to their skill and imagination as a photographer.”

“My passion for landscape photography is based on a love of nature, especially in places where human intervention is not yet visible,” said Moscow-based Ershov of his work and love for landscape photography. “Just being in location at dawn and watching the start of a new day gives me tremendous vitality.”

Also part of the announcement is the rest of the 2019 special prize winners, including the International Landscape Photograph of the Year 2019 winners. Magali Chesnel from France brought home the top spot and Sander Grefte from Netherlands and Adam Hoszang from Hungary grabbed the second and third places respectively.

Check out the International Landscape Photographer of the Year website for more details on the competition winners as well as the top 101 images from the 2019 run.