5 Photographers Keeping Black And White Photography Alive

There was a time when black and white photography was the only option. But even in today’s world of color, photographers are keeping the aesthetic alive.

Although we’re in 2019, black and white photography remains popular amongst photographers. That’s because it brings a classic, timeless feel – something color just can’t seem to match. Back in the early days of photography, people like Henri Cartier Bresson, Diane Arbus, and Ansel Adams championed the black and white aesthetic – setting the bar for the standard that others would need to reach. Thankfully there are photographers today reaching that bar, and they’re keeping the black and white aesthetic very much in high demand. Let’s take a look at some of the best of them.

1. @noeljbodle

Noel Bodle is a photographer that documents the beautiful British landscape. We’ve been big fans of his work for quite some time now, and his majestic creations allured us. “I’ve always loved black and white photography,” he told us when we discussed his series of long exposures. And that love is communicated both through his passion and dedication, as he explores the depths of England in order to build his body of work.

2 . @bastiaanwoudt

Bastiann Woudt has progressed rapidly over the past five years. His creative portraiture has resulted in a mass following, as budding photographers and peers remain thirsty for his next project. His work is fine art black and white photography at its best and his photo “Thula” was auctioned for a record amount at the Phillip’s auction in London. Also, his portrait of Alexander Pechtold has been shortlisted for the Rabo Photographic Portrait Prize 2019. After achieving so much in only his first five years, we look forward to what else is to come from Bastiaan.

3. @walter_rothwell


There are plenty of street photographers that hide behind color. But once the vibrancy is removed, the raw, creative and emotional elements of a frame are exposed. This is when many photographers fall short, not Walter Rothwell, however. His black and white photography pays tribute to the diversity and character of one of the world’s best cities, London. Not only is he a successful street photographer, but he’s also the co-founder of one of the scene’s largest communities, Street Photography International. He’s a credit to the craft and an influencer in the scene, great work all around!

4. @jackcurranphotography

“Black and white, when done well, elicits a connection to my desire and passion for creative expression,” writes Jack Curran. Not only does he talk the talk, but he walks the walk too, as his black and white landscape photos are done extremely well. He has over 40 years of experience in the game and shares his knowledge regularly through workshops and public speaking. His work would hang well in galleries across the world, and his use of light and shadows make his photos especially pleasing on the eye.

5. @robinclairefox

Robin doesn’t exclusively shoot black and white photography. However, she has enough in her portfolio to be deserving of her inclusion. Working out of Hamilton, Canada, Robin has some wonderful portraiture, with children often being her main subject. Make no mistake about it, photographing children isn’t easy. Yet, Robin not only manages to keep them still, but she also has them posed well, with plenty of facial expression and emotion. Some of the images are reminiscent of the posture and traits we associate with adults. Doing this style creates a juxtaposition that makes her photography a joy to view.

Do You Love Black And White Photography?

If so, why not tell us which photographers we should look out for. We know there are plenty more great workers out there, we need you to help us seem them. Also, if you fancy yourself as a top creator of the black and white aesthetic, let us know in the comments below or hit us up on our official Instagram page.

Dan Ginn

Dan Ginn is a content writer and journalist. He brings with him five years' experience writing in the photographic niche. During that time he has worked with a range of leading brands, as well as a host of professional photographers within the industry.