Schneider Kreuznach Announces New Additions to the B+W T-Pro Filters

The latest additions to the B+W T-Pro filters are made to accommodate the trend of cameras getting more compact.

If you’re looking for lens filters to protect the delicate front element of your lens, Schneider Kreuznach B+W Filters are among your options. The filter collection just saw a couple of new additions to the T-Pro range, designed with a thinner profile to match cameras that are getting more and more compact. Made suitable for all focal lengths, including wide-angle and telephoto, they are also made with a titanium finish for a unique look.

According to Schneider Kreuznach, the new T-Pro filters were made with brass as the base material for the filter ring to give it high stability and long service life. Other features also include precision glass contact surface and special functional coating with good sliding properties, so screwing the filter on and off is easier. The filters are also bonded flat with modern adhesive technology to make sure there’s no tension.

The new additions to the T-Pro filters are comprised of high-transmission protection filters 007 Clear and 010 UV Haze. They provide excellent protection against dust, sand, water, scratches, fingerprints, and other forms of possible mechanical damage to the delicate front element of prized lenses. In addition, the UV Haze filter also reduces unwanted UV effects and tones down the blue haze that comes with them.

In addition, the T-Pro filters have B+W’s highest quality broadband coating. The exclusive premium MRC nano-coating is applied to both sides of the filters to enhance the optical imaging properties. With this, the filters are able to provide uniform, increased transmission properties across the light spectrum. The all-around nano protection also gives the T-Pro filters high scratch resistance and effective repellent properties against dirt, water, and oil.

All these features make these filters indispensable tools for outdoor, wildlife, and travel photographers. In case you’re new to these tools and how to use them, you can check out our lens filter primer to learn more. If you think these are filters you need, visit the Schneider Kreuznach website to find out more about the T-Pro B+W filters.