The Talking Minolta Compact Camera Had Such Fun Commercials

Ads and commercials are always fun when you have a fun product, as these fun Minolta commercials from the ’80s prove!

With the recent vintage camera ads we’ve featured being on the fun and interesting side, it was only a matter of time before we spotted and shared today’s commercials. If you’ve shot with or still have the Minolta compact featured here, you’re in for a treat. But if you’ve never seen the camera before, your curiosity will definitely be piqued!

Today, we shine the spotlight on one of the most interesting and unique vintage compact cameras you can most likely get your hands on today. For this, we have not one, not two, but three ’80s commercials to introduce you to the aptly named Minolta Talker. This quirky compact camera was designed to remind you when to use flash, stand at the right distance, and load film.

The Minolta Talker, also marketed as Minolta AF-S V in some countries, was introduced in 1984. A print ad billed it as “The world’s easiest 35mm Autofocus,” so “incredibly automated it talks to you.” It tells you to “load film” when it’s empty, “too dark, use flash” when you’re shooting in a dim location, and “check distance” if you’re out of flash range. Pretty smart, don’t you think?

We know you’re probably thinking that with all the talking, it’s not the best camera to take when you’re shooting street or something stealthy. Fortunately, Minolta didn’t forget to put a switch on this camera so you can turn the voice reminder off when the situation calls for it.

Other features of the Minolta Talker include:

  • Fool-proof film loading that automatically attaches the film to the take-up spool while you watch so you’re sure it’s properly loaded before you close the back
  • Automatic film advance and rewind
  • 8-zone infrared auto-focus system for precise focusing from 0.85 m (33 in) to infinity

Not sure if it’s a vintage camera you’d add to your collection? Maybe Bryan Davidson’s review and eBay can talk you into it!

Print ad photo by on ebay