Bo Wen Huang Will Appeal to the International Urban Explorer

All images by Bo Wen Huang. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Anyone into urban exploration will tell you abandoned places are home to a lot of history, nostalgia, and drama that are simply perfect for photography. If the more emotive side of photography appeals to you, today’s body of work will definitely inspire you to seek these forgotten spaces. In his Abandoned Taiwan snaps, Taipei-based Bo Wen Huang takes us to many different places in the country that show various scenes and stages of decay, each with its own mood and imagery.

As is typical with urban exploration and photos of abandoned buildings and locations, Huang’s beautiful photos rouse our imagination for the stories and histories hidden among the rubble and disarray. It’s impressive how he found a variety of locations — from houses to factories — to give this series an impression of exploring an entire abandoned community. Or maybe, that’s exactly what he did — visited and documented an old, abandoned rural town.

In each of the photos, the light plays a significant role in setting the mood of each scene inside and outside the abandoned buildings. Gorgeous natural lighting bathes the rooms in a golden glow, creating the drama that heightens the somber and nostalgic atmosphere. Huang captured all of these perfectly.

There are many eye-catching elements in this series as well as his other urban exploration albums dedicated to each of the locations. What stands out the most is how he was able to end up with images that show the many different aspects of life in the locations left to ruin and neglect. These houses, schools, factories, and others may have been consigned to be forgotten, but urban explorers and photographers like Huang seem to find compelling ways to return our attention and interest to these places and the stories they tell with what’s left.

Visit Bo Wen Huang’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his photography.