Photography Cheat Sheet: Nikon’s Photo a Day Challenge

Excited to kickstart another awesome year of photography? Grab some ideas from today’s useful photography cheat sheet: a photo-a-day challenge from Nikon!

Another year, another opportunity to get better at photography! Regardless of the genre you want to specialize in, one of the fun things you can do is to take on photography challenges. Among the most famous of these is the photo-a-day challenge, like today’s featured list from Nikon. If you need some ideas to jumpstart your creative photography, consider this one of the photography cheat sheets to use as reference and inspire you this year. 

The January photo-a-day challenge below shared by Nikon South Africa may have been inspired by “back to school” in 2013. But, we’re sure it could still be a good start for another year of fruitful photography. It will certainly be of most use to those just starting their journey to taking good photos. Still, others who are a little further along can also join in the fun and give each challenge their own twist.

With these daily themes of inspiration, you should be able to get some ideas on how to keep your creativity going. Some, like “New Year’s Resolution,” “Hope,” and “New” are obvious themes for the new year. Others invite photographers to think of more out-of-the-box approaches to the simplest of subjects and topics. It would be interesting to see what you’ll come up with given topics like “An addiction,” “Opposites,” “A secret,” and “A discovery.” Keep a copy of this photography cheat sheet and your camera close so you have easy access to topics that challenge you!

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