Hengki Koentjoro’s Black and White Showcase of Mighty Waves

All photos by Hengki Koentjoro. Used with Creative Commons permission.

From one of our favorite black and white landscape photographers comes another stunning series showcasing the beauty of the sea. This time, he takes us to Banten Province of Indonesia, where he captured the mighty waves of Sawarna Beach and transformed them into minimalist monochrome masterpieces. If you’re looking for some inspiration for landscape photography in glorious black and white, we’re sure you’ll be impressed with his take whether you’ve been following his works for a while or seeing them for the first time.

The titular Sawarna Beach features beautiful rock formations, a backdrop of lush forest, and big waves that entice surfers. The series may be short, but it does give us a peek into what makes it a picturesque destination for travelers, surfers, and landscape photographers like Koentjoro.

Previously, we saw the Jakarta-based freelance photographer capturing beautiful scenes from the underwater frolic of the boys of Alor Island. While that artful series featured more human elements than sweeping seascapes, this one focuses on the artful minimalism of the sea. As much as they look otherworldly in color, the roaring waves and glassy swells also look just as stunning in monochrome.

As with his usual black and white landscape photos, the Sawarna Beach series shows Koentjoro’s affinity for showcasing the different patterns and textures nature gifts us. Whether it’s the barrelling waves making their sweep across the surface or the foamy sprays of water breaking on the rocky shore, his punchy monochrome style lends a rich contrast that makes the details pop.

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