Plan Your Next Stock Photo Projects Using the Shutterstock Shot List

If you’re looking to get into stock photography, Shutterstock lets you know what’s currently in demand through their monthly Shot List compilation. 

Part of the success in the stock photography industry lies in being able to anticipate trends to use as a basis to create best-selling images. For this, research is key. To help make the research process easier for their contributors, Shutterstock has been putting together their monthly Shot List — a compilation of concepts and topics that buyers are looking for. So, if you’ve been looking forward to the latest installment to help your venture into stock photography, we’re glad to report that it’s out.

To summarize, the most requested content for January, as outlined on The Shot List call for:

Divine magic and occultism, which tackle magic and all things mystical by depicting scenes and imagery related to astrology, fortune-telling, alchemy, seances, aura readings, and crystal ball gazing;

Black History Month, which highlights the achievement of African-Americans, celebrates empowerment and diversity, as well as depicts social justice and triumph in the face of adversity;

Women in power, which celebrates the strength and power of women through content depicting feminism, International Women’s Day, women’s rights activism, and the fight for gender equality;

Creating a home, which motivates through visuals of spring cleaning, spring decor. home arrangements, beautiful modern homes and their interiors, and even lawn care.

Apart from the topics and themes above, Feature Shoot also dropped a bunch of tips on the Shutterstock Blog to help photographers make the most out of The Shot List. These include some essentials like getting organized, listing down keywords, doing some research on the concepts you plan to tackle, sorting out model releases and property releases, and preparing the props and wardrobe. Lastly, Shutterstock reminds contributors that The Shot List is only there as a rough guide, so feel free to make your own list and personalize it based on your own needs and style.