This Black Pentax Spotmatic II Is in Almost Mint Condition

Is the Pentax Spotmatic still on your film camera wishlist? You might want to check out our latest vintage find!

The Pentax Spotmatic models remain among the most popular 35mm film SLR cameras today, and are frequently recommended to those just starting out with shooting film. These sturdy and reliable mechanical cameras are affordable and relatively easy to find. Still, it can be challenging to find units in flawless cosmetic and working condition, especially the black models. Enter our latest vintage camera find: a near mint Pentax Spotmatic II in black that comes with a 50mm lens. If you’ve yet to add one to your camera collection and don’t mind splurging a little for a camera and lens in this condition, go ahead and check it out!

The black Pentax Spotmatic II with a Super-Multi-Coated 50mm f1.4 Takumar lens is on Etsy as “almost mint condition and working well” and includes the meter. It does show some use, and there’s a small paint chip on the prism and a few very light scratches on the baseplate. The camera and lens also come with the original Eveready case. The New York-based seller assures us all his cameras and lenses have been fully tested, and any items he acquires with issues are always professionally repaired before they are listed. To ensure that the camera is in good working condition as stated, he’s including a 30-day warranty. It’s all yours for $395. If that’s a little over the budget for you, there’s always eBay to look for one.

Now, for some bits of info about this black vintage beauty. According to Camerapedia, the M42 mount Pentax Spotmatic SP II was launched in 1971 as an updated version of the original Spotmatic SP launched by Asahi in 1964. A number of minor improvements were applied to the model, including the meter components and the film transport. It was also fitted with a hotshoe and a switch under the rewind crank for FP and X-flash synchronization. The film speed range was also increased from 1600 to 3200. The shutter speeds are Bulb and 1-1/1000s. As with the previous model, units that were imported and marketed by Honeywell were also branded as Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic II.

Is this your first time learning about this camera and you want to know how it works? The Pentax Forums has some more information and reviews worth checking out.


Photos from the Etsy listing by Bob Simpson