Photography Cheat Sheet: Shooting During a Zombie Apocalypse (Fun!)

We think a zombie apocalypse won’t stop some photographers from taking photos. In case that’s you, we found just the photography cheat sheet!

The folks of Brooklyn-based photo imaging retailer Focus Camera came up with an interesting scenario for an infographic: what would it be like for photographers to shoot during a zombie apocalypse? What would they need? The result is a photography cheat sheet aptly titled, Framing The End Of The World: How to Take Photos of a Zombie Apocalypse and Live to Tell About It. Obviously, this is done in the name of humor, so in the spirit of the Halloween season (while it’s still not that far past yet), let’s just have fun with this funny photography cheat sheet!

Of course, photography gear still matters in a zombie apocalypse, especially when they can double as weapons to fend off those flesh-eating monsters. Need to make a quick escape? Use your remote flash as a flash grenade to distract the zombies while you run for it. Tripods aren’t only great for keeping your camera steady, you can also use it to give zombies that stray too close a good whacking. Apart from these, you’ll need some camera glasses (yep, this isn’t science fiction anymore) so you don’t miss a shot. Of course, Robert Capa’s famous adage (“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”) will still apply, but for this, you’ll need zoom lenses and telephoto lenses to get those flattering close-ups. Two camera bodies would be best because you’ll need to shoot so quickly there’s no time to switch lenses. You’ll need a roomy camera bag as well, to fit not only your gear but also essentials like food and water in case you become stranded.

There are also a handful of useful tips, like getting the best results in-camera and making sure to “double tap.” The most important of all: STAY ALIVE! As the infographic said, you have to live to show and tell. As the cheat sheet said, “Anything for the shot,” no longer applies here!

So, now you know how to prepare for documenting a zombie apocalypse. We hope you had a laugh or two!

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