Justyna Zduńczyk Makes a Beautiful Visual Summary of Kyoto’s Wonders

All photos by Justyna Zduńczyk. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Japan is a haven for photographers and it’s a fact that we think everyone won’t mind saying over and over. Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of Tokyo or the old world charms of Kyoto, there’s always a postcard-worthy moment waiting to be captured. In her wanderlust-inducing travelogue, Polish photographer Justyna Zduńczyk highlights the sights and scenes of the latter to give us a nostalgic glimpse at Japan’s old capital.

Justyna’s Kyoto series is just one of the travel sets that she took in Japan. For this collection, she particularly draws our attention to the myriad of shapes, patterns, and colors that we’ll find scattered across the city. Each of the photos also feel like following her around in a relaxed stroll around town, exploring random nooks and corners that are unmistakably eye-catching. Those of us who have never been to Kyoto or any part of Japan may feel a yearning to traverse these streets ourselves, hoping one day to immerse in these details and even bring home some souvenir street snaps to remember the experience by. After all, Kyoto is one of Japan’s oldest and largest cities, remains one of the popular destinations to dive into fascinating traditional experiences.

Apart from getting us bitten by the travel bug, Justyna’s set also gives us a good visual summary of life in Kyoto and what makes it the same or different to other popular cities like the present capital of Tokyo. Anyone who has done even a bit of research on the old capital will know that some traditional elements are still present, and we definitely see a lot of that in the old world vibes in this set. But there’s also a lot of scenes showing the old meeting the new, of bustling city life coexisting with the more quiet and treasured traditions that make Kyoto a timeless travel destination.

Visit Justyna Zduńczyk’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of her impressive works.