Bruno Pisani Explores How Details Reveal the Photographer’s Vision

All photos by Bruno Pisani. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Feeling the need for some serious photography inspiration? We’re sure today’s featured series by Italian photographer and videographer Bruno Pisani fits the bill. Aside from being a showcase of moody scenes and stunning details, it’s also a great example of what we can achieve when we work on our creative vision before anything else. If you’re into landscape photography or simply have a fondness for otherworldly imagery, you’re in for a treat!

Pisani described VISIONS as “a collection of intimate details shot in the mountains” but on a personal level, it also goes beyond that. He mentioned that the photos are very intimate works he captured over the years, and reflect his photography journey as a way to discover himself. Photography has also become his way to express his relationship with nature, as a keen observer and documenter of all its beautiful details.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the tiny details that nature constantly offers to a keen observer. And I’m convinced that everyone is able to define his own reality, his own balance, his own vision of things based on his past, his experiences, his way of living.

A lonely tree covered with frost during a December morning in the Julian Alps

Some air bubbles got trapped into a a thick layer of ice.

Earth Pyramids captured on a misty winter day

Vertigo effect created with the icicles under a frozen waterfall

A “fogfall” rolling around a peak in the Dolomites

A tiny tree captured during a snowfall in Austria

Spectacular Ice formations created by the spray of a waterfall in the Julian Alps

Levels of pinnacles surrounded by fog, taken during a rainy afternoon in Dolomiti Friulane

“The series of images I’m sharing is a collection of very intimate works captured over the years. These are shots where photographer’s vision is what matters most, because it’s not only about a spectacular landscape but more about a personal interpretation of it.”

Indeed, the series reveals his vision for capturing the majestic, which we’re sure fueled his drive to search out and travel to the magical locations he captured. Whether it’s the otherworldly rolling of a “fogfall” around a peak of the Dolomites, some tiny trees shivering during a snowfall in Austria, or the beauty of abstract formations frozen for posterity, Pisani’s snaps make impressive testaments to creative vision at work.

Don’t forget to check out Bruno Pisani’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his work.