Grab This Limited Edition Gold Leica R4 for $3,150

Fancy a limited edition gold Leica R4? Prepare $3,150 for our latest vintage find, and it’s all yours!

Another day, another rare vintage Leica spotted. We wish we can say that, but then they wouldn’t be as rare as we would like. Some may find today’s vintage find, a limited edition Leica R4 in gold finish, to be odd-looking (or tacky, if you want to be blunt about it). To others, it may be screaming luxury and interesting rarity. Either way, there’s no mistake that it makes a fine addition to any Leica collection.

This gold Leica R4, with a matching gold 50mm 1.4 Summilux lens, was listed by Netherlands-based eBay seller schouten-select-cameras as being in “used but not abused” condition. It’s in perfect technical working condition without any problems or issues, and the light meter works perfectly. It’s all yours if you buy it now for $3,150, but you may also want to ask around for estimated value as Collectiblend lists an estimate price of $2,200 – 2,400 for a body and lens combo in mint condition. Is this model/edition unfamiliar to you? According to Camerapedia, the Leica R4 was introduced in 1980 as a successor to the transitional Leica R3 in the R system of 35mm SLR cameras. Leitz partnered with Minolta in 1972 to produce the initial design, with the latter launching the Minolta XD series. The R4 features a Leitz-designed mirror box, metering, and body design, which made it quite distinct, with a sleek and rounded look in contrast with the angular R3.

The Leica R4 was made in five versions: R4 Mot electronic (1980), R4 (1981), R4 chrome (1982), R4s (1983), R4s-2 (1985), and this special limited edition R4 in gold finish and brown water-snake skin. Only 1,000 units were made for the gold edition, but it was not released as a commemorative model.

Curious enough to make it part of your vintage Leica collection? Head to the eBay listing to buy it now or make your best offer.


Photos from the eBay listing by schouten-select-cameras