Five Factory-Sealed Leica R4 Units Are Up for Grabs!

Gather your Leica and film-loving buddies, because there are enough SEALED Leica R4 bodies for five of you!

Not so long ago, we gave a heads-up on a limited edition Leica R4 in “used but not abused” condition. But if the gleaming gold and snakeskin leather are too much for you, we’re happy to report you can also snag a Leica R4 body in its classic chrome version. But there are actually five units available in our latest vintage find, so there’s enough for you and four of your Leica buddies or fellow vintage camera collectors!

The Leica R4 units listed by eBay seller brofetahandworks are still factory sealed, so what you’re getting is a camera body in new condition. These units will be shipping all the way from Shanghai but were made in Portugal. You only have to cough up $1,200 for each, which is a good price if you’re not after limited edition models anyway. Given that it’s not easy to find Leica models still in their original sealed packaging, we can imagine how this could be a tempting offer for vintage Leica fans.

Not yet familiar with the Leica R4? We had a brief rundown of some basic facts about this 35mm SLR camera in our previous post about the Leica R4 gold version, so you might want to check that out if you missed it. And yes, Leica also made SLR cameras, but it’s safe to say they’re not as popular as their iconic rangefinder cameras.

In a nutshell, the Leica R4 was the successor of the transitional R3, launched in 1980. It was born out of a joint venture between Leitz and Minolta Camera Co. Ltd. in 1972. According to Camerapedia, Copal Company also pitched in and developed the shutter. Minolta released their version in 1977 as the Minolta XD in Japan, Minolta XD-11 in the US, and Minolta XD-7 in Europe.

The R4 was assembled in the Portugal Leica factory, as were the units featured here. But one thing to keep in mind with the Portugal-made R4 is the early editions were reported to have electronic failures, which compromised Leica’s reputation for reliability. However, Camerapedia also mentioned that this issue was typically seen in units with serial numbers below 1.600.00: the ones listed here look like they go above that. Just manage your expectations if you do decide to get one.

Ready to grab one (or all) of these sealed goodies? Head to the eBay listing to buy it now or make your best offer.


Photos from the eBay listing by brofetahandworks