Photography Cheat Sheet: Cool DIY Hacks for Camera Accessories

No budget for camera accessories? No problem! Today’s photography cheat sheet has a bunch of DIY hacks for some of the most common accessories.

In need of some camera accessories but don’t really have the budget for it? That’s perfectly fine, as many camera accessories can be significant investments. Whether you’ve used up your funds to get your new camera or simply find them too pricey, today’s photography cheat sheet can help. If you’re into DIY, here are some common accessories that can come in handy for your next shoots.

The infographic below by ArtZap features five hacks for transforming some everyday items into some useful DIY camera accessories that will work just as good. We’re sure you can find these materials in your home or friendly neighborhood hardware store, so if you’re ready, check it out below:

Fisheye, Macro, and Pinhole Lenses are some of the most popular lenses among experimental photographers, but the first two are typically expensive or complicated to find. The DIY pinhole lens is easy to make, whether you have an old cap lying around or you get a cheap spare one. So these hacks should be worth experimenting with if you’re on a budget. Some hacks will need some tools or specialized items like a drill, door viewer, or an aquarium tank, but they’re still fairly easy to make.

The DIY underwater effect is an interesting setup but could be tricky to use and maneuver, so proceed with caution. Make sure to not submerge the aquarium too deep, and that you have stable control of the setup.

Don’t have a tripod? You can very quickly put together a string pod — a contraption that CNET cited as an old photographer’s trick. To use this portable, two-item tool, you need to step onto the string or cord then pull the camera up to create the tension that will help you steady your camera.

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