Here’s Your Chance to Grab a Rare Olympus Pen F Medical

This Olympus Pen F Medical is one of the most unique and rare film SLR cameras you can add to your vintage camera collection.

Feeling the need to expand your camera collection? We’re sure our latest vintage find will make a fine addition. The Olympus Pen F is already a coveted item on its own, as many film photographers can attest. But this particular model, a flawless mint Olympus Pen F Medical, is a rare and even more collectible item. This is the perfect time to grab one if you haven’t yet!

This gorgeous Olympus F Medical is listed by eBay seller rfcvb72 from West Sussex, United Kingdom. Apart from being in mint condition, this incredibly rare model comes with a microscope adapter. “All controls are working, and I am told that the camera has had a recent service, clean and new seals,” the seller noted. “The original SF33E Microscope adapter is included and is in identically perfect condition, with clean mount and flash contacts, it even retains its original cap!” Whether you’re a medical professional who dabbles in creative photography once in a while, or a film photographer-slash-camera collector fond of collecting unique models, this could be particularly interesting to you.

However, if you’re new to the Olympus Pen F, let alone this model, allow us to make a proper introduction. According to Camerapedia and, this half-frame 35mm SLR camera was introduced by Olympus in 1963, and one of the iconic cameras designed by the equally iconic Maitani Yoshihisa. It was equipped with a porro prism viewfinder instead of the traditional roof pentaprism, with the reflex mirror flipping sideways. This allowed for a very sleek and compact design without the usual prism bulge of SLRs. Another noteworthy design feature is the Rotary Metal Focal Plane Shutter, a new shutter mechanism built by Maitani using a 0.003mm titanium sheet. Apart from being able to withstand the force of fast rotation, this design also allowed flash synchronization at all shutter speeds. It also has a bayonet mount for interchangeable lenses.

Pen F and FT models were eventually developed for medical use, and came with special viewfinders, focusing screens, and lens mount adapters for this purpose. Unlike the standard models, they were never marketed with the well-known gothic F marking and did not have self-timers. They also had crosshairs on the focusing screen and a circular viewfinder mask, which would be complicated to replace, thus making them unsuitable — or challenging — for normal use.

If all that makes this Olympus Pen F Medical a lovely addition to your collection, check out the eBay listing to find out more and grab it for approximately $372.


Photo from the eBay listing by rfcvb72