For $95,000 You’ll Own a Rare Leica MP Titanium and Black MP-3

Looking for the next rare Leica cameras to add to your collection? This bundle we spotted easily fits the bill — and the hefty price tag that goes along with it.

Leica cameras, especially the rare, limited-edition models, are especially sought after both by rangefinder shooters and camera collectors. The two models in our latest eBay find are no exception, especially for those who have an ardent appreciation for the classic film models. If this sounds like you, here’s your chance to score a rare Leica MP Titanium and limited edition Black Paint MP-3 LHSA together. Of course, providing you have the fortune to spare for them!

The Leica bundle listed on auction by Hong Kong-based eBay seller foto-can.ada is comprised of a Leica MP Titanium (0.72) and a Leica MP-3 Black Paint with Summilux-M 50mm 1.4 ASPH lens and Leicavit MP fast winder. Both items are still new and sealed in their boxes, as shown in the photos. They’re all yours if you’re willing to part with some hard-earned $95,000. That’s a steal if you remember that Black Paint Leica MP + Leicavit MP combo with a whopping $237,500 price tag on it!

No other information was provided about these cameras because the seller thought the mere mention of these items was enough to entice potential buyers (understandably so). So, it’s up to us again to look up pertinent details for those who are wondering what makes these cameras worth the dizzying price tag.

According to self-confessed Leica addict and camera reviewer Jerry Bei, the MP Titanium is one of the Leica MP collectibles you can get your hands on. It was introduced in April 2007 to celebrate the first anniversary of the Leica Store Ginza in Tokyo, Japan. In true limited edition fashion for most commemorative Leica models, only 150 units were made, and they were only available for sale in the Ginza store. All the exterior metal parts and fittings are made of titanium, just like the M7 Titanium and the M9 Titan.

The MP-3 Black Paint, meanwhile, was made for the Leica Historical Society of America (LHSA) in 2005. Only 500 units were produced in Black Paint and another 500 in chrome. The MP-3 sports the classic look of the M3 and housed in an MP body. It’s revered a close reproduction of the original MP from the 1950s to the 1960s. The only clues pointing to the body being based off the M6 are the front battery cover and the film speed adjusting dial at the back. The MP-3 also has a raised viewfinder window extended eye bolts for the strap and an external frame counter.

Ready to make these beauties part of your Leica collection? Check out the eBay listing to buy it now for $95,000 or make your best offer.


Photos from the eBay listing. Thanks so much Brent for sharing with us!!!