Neil Burnell Directs Our Gaze to the Delicate Beauty of Butterflies

All photos by Neil Burnell. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Nature’s beauty and wonders come in many forms, which is why it’s no surprise that creatives find them to be potent sources of inspiration. Whatever the genre, many photographers seem to find a way to integrate nature into their work. In his latest series, UK photographer Neil Burnell brings our attention to the beauty of dainty butterflies during the summer months. Whether you’re drawn to delicate flora and fauna, or are interested in getting into macro photography, we’re sure this series is worth checking out.

Brixham-based Burnell has been drawing inspiration from the great outdoors for his fine art photography, whether for minimalist landscapes or atmospheric nighttime images. In this latest body of work, he shifted his lens from sprawling coasts and landscapes to the tiny world of delicate butterflies. He made some impressive use of colors, dreamy bokeh, and minimalist aesthetic to direct our gaze. All these elements come together to accentuate the dainty and intricate features of the butterflies perched on flowers and blades of grass in their natural habitat. Some of the photos also have a pleasant warmth as the winged beauties bath in the glow of a dreamy summer afternoon.

Burnell could have gotten closer with a more far-reaching macro lens, but I think his approach in this series is great. It shows how beautiful the butterflies are in their natural habitat. Despite the blurred out backgrounds, the photos still display hints of the foliage and time of the day they were taken. They also emphasize the effective minimalist quality that is prominent in Burnell’s work.

Don’t forget to check out Neil Burnell’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his fine art photography.