Paolo Pettigiani Reveals More of the Maldives in Surreal Infrared

All photos by Paolo Pettigiani. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If surreal landscapes bring you creative inspiration, you’ll be amazed at the infrared photography of Italian graphic designer and photographer Paolo Pettigiani. We’ve been keeping tabs on his projects, and we think we found our favorite among all the destinations he has visited so far. The tropical paradise of the Maldives is a natural choice, especially when given his “Infraland” treatment. While the previous installment gave us a stunning bird’s eye view of the islands, reefs, and lagoons, the latest edition lets us explore and enjoy the views from the beach.

The most striking aspect of this installment is the cotton candy color scheme of the foliage against the water. Infraland makes it easier for us to imagine taking a stroll along the beaches of the Maldives in an alternate universe. Instead of the usual greens and blues, we see pink palm trees and plants against the deep cyan sky and waters. This installment also illustrates how the colors can vary with the additional use of different filters. It’s a reminder of the hidden aspect of reality that we can only see with the aid of specialized imaging technologies.

To shoot photos like this, Pettigiani had some of his gear converted to full-spectrum: a Nikon D750, DJI Mavic Pro 2, and for this series a Canon EOS R. The modification allows him to use the full sensitivity of the camera’s sensor to shoot in visible, ultraviolet (UV), and infrared (IR) light. Trees and grass strongly reflect the invisible IR wavelength as he has been demonstrating in previous installments of the Infraland project.


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