Marta Syrko’s “Dot” Is a Very Clever Take on Fashion Photography

Feeling stuck in your fashion photography projects? You might want to draw some timeless inspiration from the work of Marta Syrko.

Fashion photography can sometimes look bland and repetitive these days. What usually works to remedy this is trying something new, or drawing inspiration from a totally different style. If you’re looking into shaking up your practice with more timeless imagery, we think you’ll find the work of Ukranian fashion, portrait, and fine art photographer Marta Syrko inspiring.

Simply titled Dot, Syrko’s series combines a number of eye-catching elements that make it worthy of a spot on your moodboard or inspiration board. There’s the easily recognizable nostalgic mood brought about by retro styling elements (black and white, polka dots, sheer gloves, broad-rimmed hats), made especially prominent in the red, white, and black color scheme of this set. There’s a complex lighting style at play here which creates some really dramatic, high-key results. Also, we see a lot of variety of poses and composition that make the whole series playful, elegant, and definitely chic.

The series, at the very least, encourages us to rethink and experiment with certain elements of our fashion photography projects to get a fresher, more creative take on the craft. Syrko, whose work varies from fashion-themed to cinematic imagery, draws inspiration and ideas from this range and combines them gracefully in each shoot. And as we can see from this particular body of work alone, it’s a really effective way to make projects stand out from what we usually see.

Liked her approach to fashion photography and want to see more? Check out Marta Syrko’s Behance portfolio and follow her on Instagram stay updated with her work.


All photos by Marta Syrko. Used with Creative Commons permission.