8 Street Photographers Who Deserve a Solo Exhibition

A solo street photography exhibition is precisely what these folks need.

Street photography festival season is fully underway. There are plenty of competitions and opportunities to get your work out there and seen by all the key players. The only slight problem is, if you’re lucky enough to get exhibited, your image will be amongst many others and risks not being fully appreciated. For the below photographers, their work deserves a center stage. They need a space that’s all about them. And while their images often stand out from the pack, it’s about time they had a solo exhibition.

1 Kristian Leven

We’re very excited about the work of Kristian Leven. His photography offers something fresh to the scene and is executed to an exceptionally high standard. He puts the miles in too. Having traveled to many parts of the world, including the likes of Ethiopia and India, he has shot some memorable moments along the way. His work tells a story, and because of this, everyone in the scene needs to see it!

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2 Ilker Karaman

Turkish based Ilker Karaman is a brilliant street photographer. His creative vision is brought to life by his layered, well-composed photographs. Ilker shows you his home nation in all its glory, gripping you with a masterful use of color and light. His work is doing the rounds at significant festivals too – more reason for him to have his own space!

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3 Sevil Alkan

Sevil’s series Stray Dog came first place at this years’ LensCultrue Street Photography Awards. Her dark and deep photographs envoke thought and emotion within anyone that views them. This is the kind of street photography that needs printing and hanging in a well-lit space. Because having the opportunity to spend time with her work in a gallery setting will really drive home how exceptional it is.

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4 Ania Klosek

Ania Klosek gets up close, looks for moments, picks out the bizarre, and creates narratives; all of this makes for great street photography. Her work is varied, never dull, and offers something new with each image she creates. She has put plenty of hard work in and has been doing it so well for years. We would love to spend a Sunday afternoon seeing her stories brought to life.

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5 Stan De Zoysa

Some may think it’s a little too soon for Stan to be flying solo. We don’t. Over the past couple of years, his work has started to take the scene by storm. No more so than 2019, where he has been a finalist and first place winner at many festivals and competitions. His work is fun and uplifting. He gets right angles, strong juxtapositions, and is a magician with perspective. It wouldn’t be a dull morning spending time with his work – you’d have lots of fun!

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6 Melissa Breyer

Melissa’s street photography is full of class and style. It’s verging on fine art, but still has all the candid, gritty characteristics that are synonymous with street photography. It’s beautifully processed into black and white and comes with a timeless feel. Maybe the more high-brow clientele would attend this exhibition. However, it’s there to be enjoyed by everybody!

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7 Antonio Privitera

We sure do love a well-crafted street photography project. Antonio Privitera’s Inner City Blues is a story of love, ambitions, and art. When his dream of visiting New York became a reality, he created some of his best work to date. It’s inspiring, really. And stories like this deserve to be seen by as many people as possible. Viewers would enjoy his dark, slightly underexposed street photography and go home thinking about what great project they could do themselves!

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8 Mathias Wasik


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Mathias Wasik captures the diversity of New York. He is a popular figure in the street photography community and amongst his consistent work are some absolute gems too. If anything his work will only get better with time and a retrospective exhibition would be great 10 to 20 years down the line. But we don’t want to wait that long. We want to see his work hanging now!

Your Favorite Street Photography Exhibitions

We’re confident you will agree with the above entries, but we’re also mindful there are plenty of great street photographers out there. Who would you like to see get their very own solo exhibition? Who should we look out for? Let us know in the comments below.

Images used with permission. Lead photo by Kristian Leven.

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