American Horror Story’s Jessica Lange Announces Highway 61 Photo Book

Take a road trip along the iconic Highway 61 with award-winning film and TV actress Jessica Lange in her latest photo book.

While best known to many today as an award-winning film and TV actress, Jessica Lange is also a published photographer with three photo books and several exhibits. She’s adding one more to the pile with her latest photo book, Highway 61, published by powerHouse Books. In this fourth publication, she takes us on a road trip down the storied major highway that stretches along the Mississippi River, passing through the American Midwest and South, plowing through eight states along the way to New Orleans.

Lange, who was raised in Northern Minnesota, knows Highway 61 by heart, having traversed it since her childhood. Her newest photo book, set for release on October 2019, is a 176-paged hardcover volume that will feature over 80 stunning tritone photographs she snapped along the titular highway. It’s a testament to her personal history with the route, showcasing the scenes she found most compelling, baring her deep connection to the iconic thoroughfare.

“These photographs are a chronicle of what remains and what has disappeared. It has a long memory, Highway 61.” — Jessica Lange

Lange studied photography at the University of Minnesota, winning a scholarship to study fine arts in 1967. She was also the first to receive the George Eastman House Honors Award. However, it was in the early 1990s that she began to shoot extensively, documenting her travels in black and white photos. In 2008, she released her debut monograph 50 Photographs, some selections of which were introduced by Aperture magazine in their 2007 spring issue. She followed this up with In Mexico in 2010, which also came in Spanish edition as En México. Later in 2013, she released It’s About a Little Bird, a children’s picture book she originally made for her grandchildren that featured 40 pages of hand-colored black and white photographs.

Head to the powerHouse Books website to pre-order this upcoming photo book by Jessica Lange.