This Adobe Lightroom Shelter Pets Campaign Is Super Adorable

Sheltered pets deserve glamour snaps too, so we tip our hats off to Adobe for taking the initiative to do this super adorable campaign!

We spot a lot of cool photography projects during our usual rounds on Behance. But once in a while, we come across projects that just makes us go “awww!” We recently came across the Picture Me Rescued campaign Adobe Lightroom did in collaboration with talented photographers and set designers for this year’s National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day last April 30th. Los Angeles-based Julia Galdo shared some of the snaps they took, and we’re sure you’ll love the fun and energy in this project!

“Cute pics get pets adopted,” said the campaign video above, and we definitely agree. Just how many of us can resist the pet photos we see all over social media? Sadly, it’s often not the case for sheltered pets — the ones who really need to look great in photos. This initiative is both important and heartwarming. According to Galdo, they took the makeover photos of the sheltered pets at SPCA LA, a California-based local nonprofit animal welfare organization, as better photos result in better adoption rates.

It’s easy to see how the project is a success. With all the playful colors complementing the cute and quirky poses of the pets, they were able to make each subject the star of each snap. The vibrant set design by Dane Johnson is also commendable for ensuring all the shapes and colors work together to bring out the best features and personalities of the pets. It’s easy to imagine how fun this shoot must have been for the entire team. I’m sure they had more than enough of their daily dose of cuteness!

We hope this fantastic campaign made your day as it has for us, inspired you to make fun and colorful portraits of your pets as well, or even prompted you to consider adopting a sheltered animal!


All photos by Julia Galdo and Adobe Lightroom. Used with Creative Commons permission.