Watch the Hubble Ultra Deep Field Get Printed in Color Carbon Transfer

An image as stunning and historic as the Hubble Deep Field deserves to be printed in an equally exquisite and meticulous Carbon Transfer printing process. 

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field is one of the most iconic and mind-blowing photographs ever known to man and thus deserves to be printed in the most fascinating and artistic processes still around today. Whether you’re interested in traditional photographic printing methods, a fan of all things space, or simply an advocate of printing photos, we’re sure this video of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field being printed in Color Carbon process will amaze you.

The video below was recently shared by Calvin Grier who runs The Wet Print, alternative photographing printing service and educational resource based in Valencia, Spain. His specialty is the Carbon Transfer Print, which he does in color in the cool video below. I’m sure everyone will agree that he chose a great photo to demonstrate the equally beautiful printing process!

The video may be short but it definitely gives us an idea on just how meticulous this 19th-century printing technique is — from creating the negatives to applying layer by layer of color, and finally transferring the image to the paper for the final print. The result is a work of art that shows the deep blackness of space and subtle differences in the colors of the stars and galaxies. The combination of the glossy finish over the texture of the paper also creates a nice 3D effect. Truly a one-of-a-kind image that is a testament to the craftsmanship involved in this pigmented gelatin process.

We’re sure you’re curious and want to learn more about the Carbon Transfer process. Fortunately, Grier has a detailed description of the steps and characteristics of Carbon Transfer Print on his website. He also has another cool video explaining everything and showing the artistry involved in the black and white printing alone:


Screenshot image from the video by Calvin Grier