Cambo Announces Holder Kit For Converting Fujifilm GFX100 Into a View Camera

The new Cambo interchangeable bayonet holder kit will let you transform your Fujifilm GFX100 into a view camera.

Thinking of getting the Fujifilm GFX100 soon and wondering what else you can do with it? With the new AC-795 bayonet holder kit by Netherlands-based studio camera manufacturer Cambo, you can convert the GFX100 into a view camera by combining it with the ACTUS-G cross-platform camera base. This new holder kit was developed as a response to the different body design of the GFX-100 compared to the GFX50 series, which is compatible with the AC-792 holder.

According to Cambo’s newsletter, the new AC-795 follows the official introduction of the Fujifilm GFX100 back in May 2019. Designed as a dedicated accessory for supporting and mounting the new GFX flagship model, it is to be paired with the ACTUS-G cross-platform view camera base. This interchangeable bayonet holder kit was designed with the bigger size of the GFX100 in mind, and will, therefore, come in a different shape compared to the current AC-792 holder. It has an extra riser block for the front standard to match the new height and built-in rotation between landscape and portrait orientation.

Additionally, the bayonet holder for the Fujifilm GFX100 is placed at a longer distance from the optics to make room for the bigger dimensions of the camera body. This may cause some limitations with some lenses. The Actar-60 lens will also not be able to focus to infinity with this kit.

For those who already have the existing AC-792 kit, they can still mount the GFX100 with it, but only for use in portrait mode.

Thinking of pairing the Fujifilm GFX with this cool accessory? According to Cambo, the new AC-795 kit is now open for pre-order and will be available soon. Check out the Cambo website for more information.