X-Rite ColorChecker Family Now Comes in Nano to MEGA Sizes

X-Rite ColorChecker is now available in new sizes to make sure every photographer and filmmaker will have access to the iconic color management tool.

Still missing a color checker in your photography accessories? X-Rite Incorporated, currently one of today’s trusted companies for color management and measurement, has recently expanded its ColorChecker product line with new sizes for both the ColorChecker Classic and Color Checker Video targets. With sizes that now range from Nano, Mini, XL, to MEGA, every photographer and filmmaker will be able to use the right colors and save production time whatever the size of their shoot.

New to X-Rite ColorChecker products? The ColorChecker Classic target has been a valuable tool in the photo industry for over 40 years, making it an iconic color reference target. It has a selection of 24 squares of natural object, chromatic, primary and grayscale colors, neatly arranged in four rows. To use, just shoot your photo or video capture with the ColorChecker of your choice, then use it for custom DNG or ICC camera profiles during editing. You can also use it to color grade video footage, as well as make visual comparisons and measurements of differences in color reproduction.

Photographers have been pairing the ColorChecker Classic with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop workflows to create custom DNG profiles. Now, they can also build custom ICC camera profiles when using Capture One (or other ICC compatible software) when using the ColorChecker Classic alongside the updated X-Rite ColorChecker Camera Calibration software (for Mac and Windows). This latest version is also compatible with the X-Rite ColorChecker Digital SG target for those who want even higher quality ICC camera profiles.

Meanwhile. the ColorChecker Video target came out in 2015, and was designed especially for the filmmaker workflow. Now available in Original, XL, and MEGA, it is ideal for Cine wide shots, event film making, and aerial film making. It comes with chromatic color chips, skin tone chips, and gray reference chips that aid in color grading, allowing filmmakers to easily set the exposure, match multiple cameras, and ensure ideal color balance in the entire footage.

Completing the X-Rite ColorChecker Classic are the Nano, Mini, XL, and Mega sizes, while the ColorChecker Video Mega has joined the roster of video targets. If you’re still not sure which option is best for your projects, X-Rite has provided sizing details and recommended use to give you an idea:

  • ColorChecker Classic Nano: 1×1.75”/24x40mm – for macro or close up photography
  • ColorChecker Classic Mini: 2.5×4.25”( 63.5×109 mm) – for archival photography or where the protective case of the Passport is too cumbersome
  • ColorChecker Classic XL: 21×14.75” (53.3×37.5 cm) – for photographers working in large studios, doing long distance photography or camera/lighting testing. This target is available in three configurations: Target Only, Target plus Sleeve, Target plus Case
  • ColorChecker Classic Mega: 40×60” (10×152 cm) – for photographers working on large sets and doing extreme distance photography or camera/lighting testing
  • ColorChecker Video Mega: 40×60” (10×152 cm) – for filmmakers working on large sets and doing extreme distance filmmaking or camera/lighting testing


Visit the X-Rite website for more information about the ColorChecker family.