This US Navy Canon New F-1 Body Is Up for Grabs for $348

Fans and collectors of military cameras will certainly find this US Navy Canon New F-1 body a nice addition to their vintage camera collection.

It’s been a while since our last vintage finds, so we’re excited to share another interesting item we spotted on eBay. Today, it’s something for collectors of military memorabilia and military-issued vintage cameras: a Canon New F-1 35mm SLR body that is in working condition. If you’re keen on adding this to your collection, it’s all yours for $348.85.

According to eBay seller lukavakeli, the item listed with a serial number of 166534 and engraved with “U.S. NAVY” is rated as 8.5 condition in terms of cosmetics, showing normal wear but still a nice camera. Mechanically it’s rated at 9, with both the shutter and meter working and the light seals being in good shape. The camera body comes with a dust cap and has been loaded with fresh batteries.

Apart from the U.S. Navy markings, this model is essentially the same as the civilian modelCamera Quest tells us that the fact that it’s not in mint condition is proof that this Canon New F-1 body is the real deal. “The truth is that military photogs are very hard on their equipment, most simply don’t care — they don’t have to pay for it after all. The quickest way to spot a fake US military camera is if it’s in too nice a condition.” Also, compared to US Navy Nikon cameras and lenses, US Navy Canon gear is more affordable and easy to find, often going for slightly above used prices.


If you have room in your collection for this military-issued collectible Canon, check out the eBay listing to buy it now. The lenses for this model also have the U.S. Navy markings, so if you want to complete the package, you might also want to grab any of these U.S. Navy Canon FD lenses.